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1 answer

What is "size"?

When talking about concepts like ItemSize, ImageSize, FontSize, row/column height within a ...
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Modify the range of the color function in a StreamPlot, and add the corresponding ColorBar in the legend

Hello I'm trying to manually clip the scale of the colors for the streamlines in StreamPlot. The problem is that at the origin the velocity goes to infinity and that throws off any attempt to ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Remove part of TemperatureMap Color function

I am using here some random contour plot as an example. I have this ContourPlot: ...
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Enlarge polygon by fixed edge distance [duplicate]

I wish to create a larger polygon from a smaller one through orthogonally translating each edge by a fixed distance. RegionResize with a bounding box given by ...
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1 answer

Scaled Axis when drawing circle

I want to draw a circle and two lines, which I'm doing as follows: ...
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ListLinePlot works for data similar up to 9 decimal numbers but does not work when similarity is up to 11 decimal numbers. Why?

Through the following code, Tcvalues are generated: ...
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Why is dual-scale plotting so complicated per the official function?

The page "How to | Generate Plots with Two Vertical Scales" describes an official recommended way to plot two functions with different vertical axis scales. The solution, in my opinion, is ...
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How to prevent Y axis from rescaling every time I move the slider in manipulate [closed]

I am trying to plot the intensity distribution of Double Slit DIffraction, I have used the manipulate function to manipulate Cos[p] which is for interference in the following code, but when I move the ...
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How can I change the scale of an axis to be in radians? [duplicate]

I want to plot the function $\sin(x)$ versus $x$. The problem is that I want to scale $x$ based on radian angles (like $\pi/6, \pi/3, \ldots$). But as we see in the image below, it's not based on pi-...
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Normalizing the Range for the Color Scheme and Legend of Contour Plots

I have the below codes to create contour two plots that I then merge together to show at the same time. They are from mesh maps of above and below a dam so i cannot make the contour plots together or ...
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Rescale root of quartic equation

I have a quartic equation $1-r+\frac{1}{w^2}r^4=0$ where I am interested in the plot of $\frac{1}{w} f(r_0)$ (equal to $f(r_0/w)$) where $r_0$ is one of the roots. I would like to rescale the roots ...
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Rescale color function of multiple plots

I have 5 ListDensityPlots that are using the same color function but the color bar runs over a different range in every plot. For example here are two of the 5 plots that I have I want these plots to ...
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2 answers

How to draw with ErrorBarLogPlots

I want to draw those data with ErrorBar and the Y-axis must be in Log scale ...
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How to zoom, pan and otherwise visualize a huge graph?

I have a complicated tree I'd like to zoom in and investigate. It's quite dense and large. Here's a simple way to reproduce the problem (my graph has 30K elements) but the 1K elements of this graph ...
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