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Questions tagged [r]

Questions about interfacing with, or features inspired or demonstrated by R, a programming language and environment for statistical computing.

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Repeated calling of Mathematica function from R through system call make it extremely slow

I have the following simple function in test.wls file x = ToExpression[$ScriptCommandLine[[2]]] y = ToExpression[$ScriptCommandLine[[3]]] z = x+y Print[z] I call ...
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2 answers

Join two matrices as in left_join in R

I have two data sets. I would like to join them left_join function of R this ...
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I have a (4,4,4) dimensional array which are the distribution values. The x, y and z axis range are given. Can you plot 3d heatmap?

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Importing A Neural Network From Mathematica For Use In R

I am experimenting with platform interoperability between Mathematica and R. My aim is to create an untrained Neural Network using Mathematica, export this network in MXNet format as a .json file, ...
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RLink load xlsx package

I'm trying to load the xlsx package in RLink (M 12.1, W10). This works fine: ...
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Installing R libraries for use with ExternalEvaluate?

As of version 12.1, R is an officially supported external language, however, I can't seem to install any packages. I tried using my RStudio: ...
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