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Questions about simulation of quantum circuits and quantum algorithms in Mathematica.

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How to draw quantum circuit with mathematica?

How to draw quantum circuit as the following one with mathematica? I only find the quantum package which is designed for MMA 7.0 as the author said. But the version of my Mathematica is 9.0 and when ...
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Is there a way to do Quantum Computing in Mathematica notebook?

I saw 2 efforts in that direction: WSS17 and WSS16, but I am not sure if there is something in the latest Mathematica that actually allows users to simulate quantum gates. Can anyone please point me ...
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Where is the QuantumComputing package?

Where is the QuantumComputing package?
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Calculating power series of quantum operators on kets

I am using the "Quantum" add-on package to perform some quantum mechanical calculations using SU(1,1) generators. The code that I've developed reads ...
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QuantumFramework: Error message when calculating a CircuitOperator

I am running the following package and code: ...
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Defining a non-commutative algebra

I'm new to Mathematica, and I'm trying to learn the ropes. I'm trying to write a little boson algebra engine, with basic useful functions such as non-commutative algebra, normal-ordering and vacuum ...
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How to define momentum operator for use with creation and annihilation operators in quantum mechanics

I am having trouble writing the momentum operator in the differential form to complete a piece of code shown here so that I can show a commutator [P,Q] = I . Here is what I have done so far, and I ...
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How to export integration values to a data file? [closed]

I'm calculating quantum mechanical expectation value for a very high order truncation value. But due to low ram, it gets hung each time. So I am trying to write those data to a .dat file into the HDD ...
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Constructing NxN tridiagonal block diagonal matrix with N is a variable [closed]

Hi please can someone help me writing a program of generating a tridiagonal block matrix with dimension of NxN where N is a variable can be 50, 100, 200, 300...etc , Well I don't know how I'm a ...
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