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Keep Mathematica 12.3 from auto-formatting double square brackets?

I just updated to Mathematica 12.3.1. Whenever I use the double square brackets used to specify Part, Mathematica now auto-formats them. While the readability is nice, when I go to edit the code, I ...
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Disable copying In[n] or Out[n] when clicking on it in a notebook

When I left-click on something like In[1] in the margin of a notebook (as appears when running a Cell) it automatically gets copied to the clipboard so that if I ...
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What does Edit>Preferences>Appearance>Multiplication>Use symbol

I am using Mathematica Version 12.3.0 for Linux x86 (64-bit) (May 10, 2021). I would like to see multiplication asterisk for all products on output. I know that this can be requested per expression by ...
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