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Getting useful units for combinations of physical constants like on WolframAlpha?

When I need to do order of magnitude estimates, I often encounter situations where I have a mess of physical constants and difficulty putting them in sensible units. For example, consider the ...
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In **Mathematica**, how to compute physical [closed]

I want to calculate the speed of a car: 180 km / 2 hour (* 25 m/s *) this is a simple question, but I do not know how to implement
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Have Mathematica recognize physical constant [duplicate]

Say Barry, could you abuse the "answer your own question" feature of StackExchange to answer the currently on-hold Recognize physical constants? ?
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Simplifying Complex Numbers that contain physical units

I am trying to evaluate the following: Simplify[Meter Nano Re[(a + I b)/(Meter Nano)], Assumptions -> Element[{a, b}, Reals]] However, Mathematica returns: <...
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Using Physical Constants in V9

How is one supposed to work with physical constants in Mathematica V9? When I first open Mathematica, physical constants such as SpeedOfLight are not recognized. If ...
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Why to do parentheses change the results of a calculation?

I'm getting results that are sensitive to where I place parentheses with respect to operations that are associative1 (and should thus be insensitive to such placement). For example, if I define2 <...
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Need more float precision

I have a Physics problem which huge and tiny numbers and Mathematica just gives me a speed of my particles which is the speed of light. Then $1/\sqrt{1-v^2/c^2}$ becomes singular. If I use smaller ...
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Working with PhysicalConstants

I recently found the PhysicalConstants` package. First I thought this was nice, since I didn't have to look up some quantities all the time and copy them into the ...
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