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Questions tagged [physical-constants]

Questions on Mathematica's built in-physical constants, such as "BoltzmannConstant", "PlanckConstant", "SpeedOfLight", etc. This tag is distinguished from "physicalconstants-package", which concerns Mathematica's deprecated physical constants package.

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Solving system of 2nd order partial differential equations in 1D

I am attempting solve a system of three partial differential equations in 1D, to obtain values of G(x,t), X(x,t) and ...
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2 answers

Incompatible Units Problem

I am trying to use quantities with physical units to calculate my result, but I encountered the "Incompatible units" problem. I don't know what is going on. Here is my code, could I have ...
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Why do expressions with physical units not get simplified?

I am trying to calculate precise values for certain expressions, see the image below. The output testZPF of the function $\Delta$Fn should be a single output. I am ...
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`AccelerationOfFreeFall` has wrong units

Fixed in 13.0 On earth, the acceleration of free fall is around $9.81\,\text{m}/\text{s}^2$. In Mathematica, ...
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How do I get a numerical value for a physical constant in Mathematica 12.1 [closed]

I've been working on some optics problems and regularly need to use constants like the charge of an electron, vacuum permittivity, etc. I'd like to be able to call these constants in Mathematica as ...
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Is there a simple way to write physical constants?

I don't want to write UnitConvert[Quantity["MagneticConstant"]] all the time in my expressions. I can't write ...
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How do I express Quantity values in different notations?

I am trying to obtain the value of physical constants such as speed of light $c = 2.998 \times 10^8\,\rm{m/s}$. But Mathematica doesnt seem to give me a direct answer. I have to do a round-about ...
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How to summon Acceleration due to Gravity in Mathematica 11?

How to summon Acceleration due to Gravity in Mathematica 11? seems like a simple thing but the documentation is no help.
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Getting physical units of MolarGasConstant

I want to be able to get the MKS units and value of the molar gas constant $R$. If I enter Quantity["MolarGasConstant"], Mathematica returns $1R$, which is quite ...
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How do I generate a list of just the physical constants? [And other questions on them.]

N.B.: I've bolded the questions to make it easy to find them among the background verbiage. 1) Is there a way to generate a list of just the physical constants? [Note that I am not looking for a ...
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Numerical value of physical constants Mathematica 10

Is there a way to use the physical constants in calculations and have Mathematica 10 figure out the final unit and numerical magnitude? When I try ...
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How to get the quantity of Physical constants?

I need to get the quantity of gravitational constant: QuantityMagnitude[GravitationalConstant] why this is not work? Already load the ...
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