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Speeding up the output of DSolveChangeVariables

I am trying to change the variable in a differential equation using the above mentioned function. This is what I did: ...
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How do you rate Mathematica and Python in terms of numerical computation? [duplicate]

I often hear, in the physics community, that python is faster and overall better than mathematica for numeric calculations. But this seems very subjective since code badly written in one language can ...
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Performance of DensityPlot3D with non-opaque Graphics3D

Does anyone have problems with performance of graphics combining DensityPlot3D and any other non-opaque Graphics3D? If I combine ListDensityPlot3D (very simple one, first from documentation) with only ...
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Complicated expressions involving hypergeometric functions

This is in relation to my last post which was unanswered but I think I may have found somewhat of a workaround. I have the following preliminary definitions ...
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Speed Up Creating a List of Associations

Background I frequently import data from CSV files. This data often has headers, is a mix of numbers and text, and is a simple 2D 'shape'. I need to clean the data (eg removing rows, trimming strings, ...
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How to speed up this small 2D graphics code?

The following code is very slow, with Mathematica 13.2 on a Mac Silicon M2 Pro: ...
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How to create an Xlookup function (similair to Excel)

Edit: I have added table3, which is closer to my real life use case and timings of the code Edit 2: I have added table4, which ...
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