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Questions related to creating and determining palindromic numbers, words, lists and sub-lists. A palindromic sequence is a sequence that remains the same if we reverse it. An example of a numeral palindrome is "191". An example of a word palindrome is "noon".

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Palindrome by deleting a character

I need to find a list of strings with input string length n for whom are palindrome by deleting a character from it . The strings are stored inside function ...
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Creating a large database of all palindromic numbers

OEIS A002113, palindromes in base 10, shows a number of Mathematica constructs. I have used: ...
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Generating numbers palindromic in two number bases

The purpose of the code below is to generate numbers that are $2d+1$ digit palindromes in number base $b+1$, and are also palindromic in number base $b+3$, where: The ...
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Finding the largest palindrome which is the product of two 2-digit numbers

My goal is to find the largest palindrome which is the product of two 2-digit numbers using the following program. I want the program to add each palindrome it finds, to the list H. I also want it to ...
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Largest palindrome from given string

Someone recently posted a request on LinkedIn for an algorithm to find the largest palindrome from a given string. I came up with this, which I believe does the trick, but I am wondering if there ...
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How to find the palindromic number I'm looking for?

I'm looking for a number which is the same when you read it reverse like 101 or 878. I have to get all numbers from 10 to 1000. There are 99 numbers. {11,...,99,101,...,191,...,202,...,292,...,909,......
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Prime-palindromic number selected from a list

I want to find all prime-palindromic numbers up to 5000. Prime-palindromic numbers are numbers that themselves and their reverse digits are both primes. For example, 31 is a prime-palindromic number ...
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What's wrong with my palindrome finding function?

I'm trying to find the palindromes in the dictionary, but my output isn't giving me all of them. I have this so far ...
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Better way to make a certain list with palindromic sublists

Here is my code, which works, but seems a little too long, I think might be a more refined version. ...
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Generating a list of pure variables

I want to pass a list of pure variables to a function, in which the ordering of the variables matters. For instance, if I want a palindrome, my function might be: ...
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How to find palindromic numbers (Project Euler #4)?

I'm trying to solve the fourth Project Euler's problem with this: ...
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How can I get the list of dates in the next $n$ years

How can I get the list of all dates from today 21.02.2012 (which is a palindrome) up to say next $n$ years? Then finding the other palindromes are not difficult. I could not find an easy way to ...
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Functional style using lazy lists?

Let's say I want to answer the question "what are the first 400 palindromic prime numbers?" The first approach that comes to my mind from the set of languages that I know is to use some sort ...
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