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Questions about specific or optimal placement of objects in a shape or volume. For questions about packed arrays, use the [packed-arrays] tag.

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Packing triangles into a rectangle

I'm working on packing a set of triangles into a rectangle but I'm unable to get them to pack dense enough or even touch. I found a post from 3 years ago called "Packing arbitrary shapes" ...
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Dense packing of disks with different radii

Let's consider a disk ($D_{1}$) whose center position is randomly generated, but the radius is fixed at $r_{1}$. A second disk ($D_{2}$) of fixed radius $r_{2}$ (with $r_{2} < r_{1}$) is randomly ...
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Sphere packing with target volume fraction

I've stumbled upon this sphere packing question, and now I have another related one. How can I have a function that returns a sphere packing with a target volume fraction? Sphere can obviously have ...
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