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Unexpected design of protection against dynamic content

Introduction/summary I was surprised by the (from my point of view limited) extent to which the user is defended against "potentially unsafe dynamic content" by default. Two things were unexpected ...
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Is it possible to make notebook read-only without using OS file read only setting?

I want to make notebook read-only (protect from modification) for all operating systems (when copied from one OS to another OS read-only should remain). Is there any way to do that?
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Locking cell groups

Imagine I have a notebook divided into multiple groups of code cells which are set as initialization groups. I then have a single cell which evaluates a function ...
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Why InitializationCellWarning is False and still I get warnings?

I wrote a notebook containing initialization cells: (1) notebook's options related to initialization are set to: ...
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How to *safely* enable automatic initialization cell evaluation for one notebook?

I want to configure this one notebook (let's call it X) so that its initialization cells get automatically evaluated when X is first opened1. To this end, I have applied the settings shown below to ...
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Question about NotebookSecurity and TrustedPath

I have multiple CDF files that are linear algebra examples with dynamic entries via InputFields. An example of a single cell of a matrix is as follows: ...
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No MenuBar despite CurrentValue[EvaluationNotebook[],WindowElements] saying it exists

I have 32-bit linux 14.04 (arch returns i686) with Mathematica 10 {$Version in Mathematica ...
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How to get a peek at the source code for demonstrations if there is no source code provided [closed]

NOTE: The prequel to my question has been answered before here In the case of the question linked above, the author's code was available. But I would like to know if it is possible to reveal the code ...
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Encoded notebook

Please it's urgent. I have an encoding problem. When I open my notebooks I find weird characters like this Are my data erased?
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How to release a secure MMA-NB/CDF with restrictions/locks to the back-end code visibility

Intention is to distribute demonstration files just like Wolfram Demonstrations (mainly dynamic manipulations with assisting textual explanations based off on Numerical Methods course lectures). If ...
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How to avoid malicious code when opening & executing notebooks [duplicate]

Is there any way to avoid malicious code when opening and executing entire notebooks automatically? I have written code which opens a large series of notebooks one-by-one, evaluates them in their ...
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