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Anything relevant to the Stephen Wolfram's book A New Kind of Science (NKS) and subjects discussed there.

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Game of Life (GoL) in 3D cellular automaton and its rule numbers

I walked through How to calculate CellularAutomaton rule numbers in higher dimensions? to produce the following code for the Advent of Code, day 17, which asks for "Life, but in 3D". More ...
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Lévy C curve fractal from a substitution systems in NKS book p.190?

How can I make the geometrical transformation described in the page 190 in the New Kind of Science book by Stephen Wolfram to produce the fractal pattern?
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2 answers

How to encode this rule (for visualization, etc) similar to cellular automata?

I came across this rule on Twitter and it reminded me of the cellular automota discussed in NKS: How to encode this in Mathematica for (visual) inspection?