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2 answers

How to use functional iteration with changing function?

I recently came across this problem on reddit. The problem is supposed to be read like a snake, and the result of each succesive operation is sent to the next operation: There are 9 blank boxes and ...
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Nested integration of the list of functions returns error

I have a list of expressions which I would like to integrate by nested integration. For any element from the list it works without issues (see end of the post), however, when I apply nested ...
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2 answers

Given two functions, generate all nested applications of the functions to a given order

I have two functions $f$ and $g$. Given some order parameter $n$, I want to created all nested applications of $f$ and $g$ and save them in a list. For example, for order 1 we will have ...
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Nested optimization leads to conflict with constraints in inner problem

In this nested optimization problem something is going wrong in the step when I substitute u1op[x_] for w1 in <...
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Optimizing prallel computing for nested integration

I need an advice for optimization of computing with ParallelMap, as well as general hints to speed up computing discussed below. I have several questions about this ...
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Map list of strings to appropriately nested functions

I have a list of strings consisting of sequences of "+" or "-"'s. For example, let's take the list ...
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Apply function to all first arguments of a nested list of rules

Currently, I have a nested list of rules of the form lst1={1->a,2->{3->c,4->d,5->{6->f,7->{8->h,...}}}} (where I don't know the length of ...
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Integration and extraction of nested lists

I'm not explaining it well and I think it's a long explanation leading up to the key question, sorry. There is order[x] consisting of randomly selected number {a,b} elements. ...
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Nested radical implementation

I am attempting to code $$F(x,n)=\sqrt{x+\sqrt{x+2\sqrt{x+\cdots +n\sqrt{x}}}}.$$ For example, $$F(x,1)=\sqrt{x+\sqrt x},$$ $$F(x,2)=\sqrt{x+\sqrt{x+2\sqrt x}},$$ and so on. I found the ...
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Delayed evaluation of nested functions

i am new to Mathematica. Here is the situation: I have a exponential function of n,t that I want to calculate integral over t ...
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Updating multiple columns based on a nested value in an association, create a nested function?

I have a dataset that looks like this and I sorted them by ts since that corresponds to the values of when the data was taken. After reading the primer on associations and keys, and this question, I ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Enumeration of a nested list

My problem is consisting of following: I have a nested list of following form: {{B, v ** v, b ** B}, {b, B ** b}, {b ** B, v ** v}, {}} And I want to enumerate ...
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Use FoldList to successively ImageAdd regular polygons with between 3 and 8 sides, and with opacity 0.2 [closed]

This question is from Section 29 of "An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language". The objective is to successively add regular polygons with between 3 and 8 sides, and with opacity 0....
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Nested NIntegrate with Matrix Exponential

I wish to perform a numerical integration which involves a matrix exponential. Here's the following code ...
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Numerical solution of simple nested integral equations

I want to solve the following two equations: $$q(h,T)=\int_{-\infty}^{\infty} \frac{1}{2\pi}e^{-\frac{z^2}{2}}\,\mbox{tanh}^2\left(\frac{z\sqrt{q(h,T)}+h}{T}\right) dz$$ and $$T^2=\int_{-\infty}^{\...
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Wolfram Alpha simplifying $\sqrt{1+x^\sqrt{1+x^\sqrt{1+...}}}$ incorrectly [closed]

I am pretty new to Wolfram Alpha. I want Wolfram Alpha to find the derivative of $\sqrt{1+x^\sqrt{1+x^\sqrt{1+...}}}$. At the moment, I am having trouble with Wolfram Alpha simplifying it incorrectly. ...
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Nested sequence evaluation seems to fail [closed]

I tried do define two OIES Sequences like that: ...
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How to use FunctionCompile and Compile as external definition?

Let's consider the following functions (in $Version: 12.3.0 for Linux x86 (64-bit) (May 10, 2021)) ...
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