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How to export SD file with metadata?

Despite the fact that Mathematica (V13.2) is able to import an SD file with corresponding metadata for each structure, e.g. ...
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Export overwriting image metadata?

I would like to include my own metadata in image files. This is considered in article How to add and export custom metainformation with image. The following code is provided: ...
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Listing the supported formats of BarcodeImage

BarcodeImage["string",format] generates a barcode image given a string and barcode format. The supported formats can be read off from its documentation. ...
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How to extract detail subsection of Metadata

I am trying to get subsection of the Metadata such as image, title, url, title, description but it is impossible. Can you advise how to get this information from the follow code and results. ...
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Persistent hyperlinks between notebooks in the same directory

Assume that I have two notebooks, one named A.nb, and the other named B.nb, and that they are in the same directory. Then, I ...
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Hidden Metadata in DJI drone .JPG

I have imported a JPG file with MetaInformation (Exif/XMP) however all the available tags are not imported. The JPG is a DJI drone image with meta information as: altitude, YAW, GeoPosition, etc. Some ...
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Is it possible for a Mathematica notebook to display its own metadata like last modified date and filename when opened?

Abstract: when managing hundreds of notebook files without a git system (version management) it would be very convenient to automatically show its own filename and last modified date at the top when ...
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Importing TIFF stack metadata

the data files I am working with are TIFF stacks, we generate them with a self-written microscope program (in matlab). Among other information, an ASCII value is saved for each image in the TIFF stack ...
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Find image dimensions without importing the full image?

Is there a way to find the ImageDimensions of an image file without Import'ing each one? The reason being that I have a ...
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Import JPG picture missing XMP / EXIF metadata tags

I used Google Picasa to tag a face in a JPG photo, which is stored as an XMP metadata tag within the photo itself: Here is a link to the photo. If that URL has expired, you can download the pic as a ...
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Store Dynamic-accessible hidden metadata in a cell

Is there a way to store metadata in a cell in such a way that it can be accessed with Dynamic? Think of e.g. how ExternalLanguage cells work. We can select whether ...
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Is it possible to store Meta Data in a Notebook?

I am creating multiple notebooks for a textbook that I would like to print with headers on every page. For example, Notebook 1: Chapter 1, Section 1, "Addition" Notebook 2: Chapter 1, Section 2, "...
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Edit header information of a DICOM file and export it again

I have some DICOM files and want to edit a part of the Header and export the DICOM files with this edited header. I know how to Import a DICOM files and extract the Header Information, but how to ...
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? (Definition) versus ?? (Information)

What is the difference between ? Definition and ?? ...
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How to add and export custom metainformation with image

v.10 In the documentation, it shows you can add custom metainformation to an image under Metainformation. However, I would like to export the image with the custom metainformation and be able to ...
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FITS metadata problem

Looks to me that the FITS Export is borged. Here is the problem: When I export out images with accustom metadata into a FITS file, Mathematica truncates and overwrites it. Here is the metadata I ...
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How can I export graph as PDF with metadata such as Title and Author fields

I want to export a figure from Mathematica in PDF format. Moreover, I want to fill Author and Title fields of the PDF. For example, to fill Author field, I use the following code: ...
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12 votes
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Setting and changing MetaInformation for arbitrary objects

I work with a lot of dynamic data in {{date, datum}. . .} format, ...
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Change Meta-Information "Title" of PDF file in Export

Whenever I export a PDF file in Mathematica with the Export command, the meta-info of the pdf file will have the title as "Temporary Clipboard 0". I want to change the title. But using: ...
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Do Mathematica notebooks include personal metadata?

I am about to send a Mathematica notebook to someone and I would like to make sure it does not contain any information that could personally identify me. I would also like to produce pdf files from ...
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Embed Code Into Image

I often export images(plots, matrix, arrays, etc..) from mathematica which I end up putting in word documents or uploading to the web. The problem is that I often lose the original code and I am left ...