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Questions on Mathematica code found on the MathWorld site.

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Using Utilities`Typesetting` package in Mathematica version 12.3 [duplicate]

I downloaded a notebook about conformal mapping from Wolfram MathWorld requires a package Utilities`Typesetting, which cannot be loaded in Mathematica 12.3. How ...
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Irreducible representations and conjugacy classes for the octahedral group

We need a few things about the octahedral group (including reflection, perhaps even using double cover later on): Conjugacy classes Irreducible representations (irreps) in the form of matrices. Just ...
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Undocumented GraphComputation`GraphProduct usage

According to Mathworld there is an undocumented function GraphComputation`GraphProduct[G1, G2, "Cartesian"] To compute the cartesian graph product. Now in ...
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Replacement for GraphJoin

According to MathWorld >> GraphJoin, Mathematica could compute the join of two graphs with the GraphJoin command, part of ...
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Summing over Prime Factors (without repetition)

Wolfram Mathworld ( describes a function sopfr(n), the sum of prime factors, which I currently need. This code doesn't work when I insert it in ...
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Geometry computations add-on for Mathematica?

I came across the problem of calculating the circumcenters of triangles symbolically within another algorithm (as well as possibly doing other similar geometry computations). I was hoping Mathematica ...
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Package MathWorld

I'm looking for MathWorld packages, but I can not find anywhere. I found an question that came very close but did not help me. I got lost on the site and did not find anything. I need to use the ...
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Explanation of the following code which taken from mathworld

Can anyone explain to me how does this code function? ...
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How to fix <<MathWorld`Graphs` package cannot be opened? [duplicate]

From I downloaded this notebook The notebook contains the line ...
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Incompability between v5-6 and v10 with Graphs and Oriented Graphs pkgs?

Notice that "although the v6 Packages are available at the link in the answer above they are not fully compatible with v10". The errors 1, 2 and 3 in Mathematica 10 student edition may be ...
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Constructing an I-graph

I am attempting to build I-graphs in MMA, i.e. the non-Generalized Petersen graphs, and I found some code from Eric Weisstein, but this is now outdated and doesn't run. I have attempted to switch the ...
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How can I load << MathWorld`Curves`?

I'd like to recreate in Wolfram Programming Cloud the plot in How can I load << MathWorld`Curves`...
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Where to download the MathWorld package?

I was trying to run some notebook I downloaded from MathWorld, but lots of them need << MathWorld`Curves` I tried to google it , only to find this, but ...
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Drawing Cylindrical Segment with Graphics3D

For a visualization I need a combination of 3 Cylindrical segments to visualize the incident, reflected and refracted beam of light at a surface. I got as far as the following code. ...
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How to plot Venn diagrams with Mathematica?

How does one plot Venn diagrams with Mathematica? I've searched quite a bit and I've found one source at MathWorld which provides the source code for doing them. But I don't understand this code, can ...
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