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For questions on the use of machine-precision real numbers (also known as floats), the numbers that can be directly manipulated through the underlying numerical capabilities of your computer system.

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The algorithm behind InputForm for machine numbers

There are several questions on this site about implementing fast CSV/TSV export for machine numbers without loss of precision. Recently I discovered that Export ...
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What happens at the end of MachinePrecision? Is the remainder discarded or rounded?

What happens at the end of MachinePrecision? Is the remainder discarded or rounded? This code suggests it is discarded; is that conclusion correct? Why is it not rounded? ...
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Precision problem with numerical solution of a differential equation

I want solve $$ 2\sqrt{|\gamma|}x = \int_{1}^{t} dy \sqrt{\frac{1+2|\gamma_2|y}{y^2(1-y)}} $$ where $0<t\leq $1. I'm using a for cycle to evaluate t, calculate the integral and the assign the $x$. ...
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Floor inconsistent with Less for machine-precision approximate numbers

For machine-precision numbers, Mathematica uses a tolerance for comparisons, so that 1.-$MachineEpsilon==1. However, Floor does ...
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Why does precision decrease after increasing PrecisionGoal and WorkingPrecision on this integral?

I am trying to calculate a messy double-integral to many digits of precision. As shown below, the precision seems to increase reliably as WorkingPrecision goes from ...
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How to change machineprecision digits

I am trying to compute t0: ...
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Plot periodic function from Dirac delta function [duplicate]

Sorry for my bad english. I need to plot periodic function from dirac delta: δT(t)=∑δ(t–n*T), where T - is a constant, and n=-20..20 And after them, plot new function fd=f(t)*δT(t) - discrete signal ...
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How to use adaptive precision in matrix computations?

I wish to compute the pseudo inverse of rectangular (or square) matrices by the cubically method of Chebyshev given by $X_{k+1}=X_k(3I-AX_k(3I-AX_k))$ where $X_0=\frac{1}{\|A\|_F^2}A^*$. The procedure ...
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FindRoot errors

I'm trying to solve a system of two equations in two variables for some range of parameter values. I use ContourPlot to see where I should look for a solutions and ...
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Why does it matter at what point I replace?

I need to find four orthogonal linear combinations of complicated functions, that vanish at four different points. I use (LK4 is defined below, but its shape should have nothing to do with my problem)...
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Adding precision for the calculation of a function

I have some function $f(x)$ I wish to evaluate, which is yielding divide-by-zero errors for sufficiently large inputs. How do I increase the precision with which this function is evaluated in order ...
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Floating point arithmetic bug caused by Table[]

I was doing something fairly ordinary and noticed something I can't, for the life of me, explain. For context, I wanted to take make a function that takes an array of data like the one below, then an ...
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