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For questions related to the V10.2+ functionality LocalObject and V11.1+ PersistentObject.

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Local symbols and variables in Module

Is it allowed to define local functions inside the Module in Mathematica? For example, out of the two codes below which one is correct? First: ...
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ResourceFunction cannot find cached local version

When I try to use ResourceFunction it doesn't find a file. I'm afraid it's because my user name on Windows include spaces and an "é". ...
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Recursiveness in backtracking algorithm

In order to familiarise with using basic algorithms in Mathematica, I am coding a sudoku solver using a backtracking algorithm. I am treating the sudoku itself as an association (I want to learn to ...
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Why is LocalSymbol treated differently inside a Module scope?

Wanting to persist credentials entered via a dialog. While doing so I wanted to scope them by prepending a type to the symbol name. Came across this behavior which I find odd: ...
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Generating Manipulate Controls for Indexed Variables

I would like to know a method to share variables between Manipulate environments. I understand that the variables used in controllers are a kind of local ones and ...
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How to implement a resumable Table?

Motivation (my sob stories) Too many times I've run a notebook for hours and then Mathematica crashes (FE or Kernel, mostly FE) and things are lost. I've made various attempts at custom solutions ...
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Why is the variable x not locally scope in the StringExpression?

Clear[x] StringCases["abcadcacb","a"~~x_~~"c"->x] {b,d} ...
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Alternative to Dump Save

When dealing with large matrices I like to store them in the memory once for all, such that when I restart Mathematica I do not have to wait for a very long computational time of order of minutes. To ...
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LocalSymbol remains unevaluated in autoload package?

I am using LocalSymbol to store some database credentials. I put a statement like this in a user-level autoload package: ...
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Bug with `LocalObjects` leaking evaluation of `LocalSymbol`

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List all LocalSymbols

I was working with a LocalSymbol, but after I deleted the cell I came back to the notebook hours later only to forget the name of the variable! Is there anyway to see a full list of the named ...
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