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OpenAI ServiceConnect for `chat` completion API does not properly implement `logprobs` option

According to the OpenAI ServiceConnect documentation, the Chat request supports the option LogProbs (which allows for specifying ...
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How to set LLMConfiguration Model to Claude 3?

I have an API key, but I'm not sure how to set the default for new chat-enabled notebooks to Claude 3? Is this supported, if not in the UI, what about programatically? Also, I'd like to put my Gemini ...
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Do I need a paid OpenAI account to use the LLMFunction?

I tried using the LLMFunction in Mathematica 14.0 using e.g. the example given in its documentation. Before this, I logged into my Wolfram account as suggested by @...
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How do you turn off progress reporting for LLM functions?

When you run simple LLM calls, a popup progress report appears in the UI until the process completes: ...
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Q&A System using LLMSynthesize and Nearest

I'm looking for a Wolfram Q&A system that scales to 100k of text documents. Using Mathematica's similarity search (e.g. Nearest) or vector database operations (...
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Chat block divider in a Chat-Enabled Notebook using Swedish keyboard

(I'm using Mathematica 13.3.0 on a Linux Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS, using a Swedish keyboard.) In a Chat-Enabled Notebook, the "~" (the tilde character) is used to create a Chat block divider/...
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3 answers

How to use the new LLMFunction?

How does one install and use the new LLMFunction described in Wolfram blog ?
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