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Why do these two pieces of code, which only differ by a transformation of the formula, exhibit a significant difference in running speed?

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Why does functional form of integration output depend on variables used?

The following integration code is identical, except for the use of integration variables x vs k and constants ...
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What is the diffrence between these three commands?

Consider F=1/((x-a)(x-b)) ; G= 1/((x-α)*(x-β)); H=1/((x-r[1])(x-r[2])) ; Using Apart[], the partial fraction decomposition ...
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Should expression evaluation depend on the choice of a variable name?

I am verifying the series representation of the Sonine polynomial or the associated Laguerre polynomial, which is $$ L_m^{(n)}(x)=\sum\limits_{l=0}^n\left(-1\right)^l\binom{m+n}{m-l}\frac{x^l}{l!}=S_{...
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Do symbolic integration of function including \[ScriptCapitalL]

I have done a symbolic integration in mathematica 13.2 as follow Integrate[-((Sqrt[-r(r - 2 l)] l)/(r(r - 2 l) (-r + l))), r] // Simplify[#, r > 0] & ...
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Apart behaves differently depending on specific alphabetic letters of variables

I have stumbled across some weird behaviour with Apart. ans1 = Apart[(x1/r2 + x2/r1)/(1/r1 + 1/r2)] Gives ...
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2 answers

Integration result depending on variable name

From previous threads I have read on the subject, it seems that Mathematica is known to simplify expressions to varying degrees depending on alphabetical order of chosen variable names. But none of ...
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Integral depends on choice of symbols

I am trying to perform integrals of the kind $\int dx\frac{x^2-q^2}{z-x+i\eta}$. Mathematica, however, gives back different results whenever I replace the parameter $z$ by $w$, for instance, as ...
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3 answers

DSolve—different solutions for same set of equations using different symbols?

I happen to find that DSolve can give different solutions, even a different number of solutions, for a set of differential equations just by making a change in the ...
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Are greek symbols causing different evaluation?

I've updated today to Mathematica from version 8 and found something that absolutely confuses me. Let us define a piecewise function: ...
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2 answers

Variable naming changes everything

Bug fixed in 10.0.0 I am having a rather unusual problem I do not understand with Mathematica where renaming one of the variables of my function causes the function to stop "working". Here is the ...
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Why does simplification in Mathematica depend on variable names

Mathematica fails to put the following into an obvious simplest form: ...
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50 votes
2 answers

Why does Simplify ignore an assumption?

Here is the example: Simplify[x + y, x + y == a] Simplify[x + y, x + y == 5] Mathematica 9 output: x+y 5 I expect the ...
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