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Label of a Disk in Prolog/Epilog

How do I label a disk when the disk is used in a Prolog or Epilog of a plot, such as: ...
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1 answer

How to add the frame labels to the given plot code?

Using this code ...
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1 answer

How to label several plots that put together by "Show" command?

I created 4 set of the 15 plots by using "Table" command, then I put this plots together by "Show" command in way that first plot of each set being showed in the same plot, second ...
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Rotate the label when rotating the output image with graphics3D

I am interested in drawing a labelled dashed line through points p1 and p2 with Graphics3D. ...
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Have plots labeled as "1." "0.75" "0.5" "0.25". Need plots labeled as "b=1.00" "b=0.75" "b=0.50" "b=0.25"

f is a function a single variable (x) and it depends on a parameter (b). It was plotted as shown below. I am looking for a modality to change the labels. Currently, the plots are labeled as "1.&...
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Inconsistent appearance of square root sign in plot labels

Observe the inconsistency in the appearance of the title on the following plots: ...
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When I combine Labeled with Rasterize the Labels get scaled wrong

I'm trying to create a high quality image for a publication, I am combining two plots, with a legend, and labeled using the Labeled command, I then use Rasterize to ...
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1 answer

`PlotLabel` for plots in a `Table`

I have a Table containing two plots, given by ...
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2 answers

How to add two labels to a point in ListPlot, and how to control the precise positions of those labels?

ListPlot has the option to label points using Labeled or Callout. At least those are the two ...
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1 answer

Difficulty refactoring a graphics point from displaying a tooltip to a label when using show to combine point with a plot

I have a Plot[...] of a system of linear equations and a function graphicsPoint[...] that generates a graphics point to show ...
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How to label name for a graph?

I'd like to label a name $K_4$ in following graph. How to do that? completegraph4 = ImportString["C~", "Graph6"]
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Combining Labled with LabelStyle

I try to add a Style to my Labled plot. However, when I combine Labled with Label Style, I do not succeed. ...
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2 answers

More space between the ordinate axis ans plot labels

I have this graphics. All I want is more place like a space or interval between labels and the ordinate azis. How could I do that? ...
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1 answer

How to avoid that the top of a label is sliced off

In this simple example, the top of the capital letter on the Y-Axis is sliced off. How can that be avoided? ...
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2 answers

How to explicitly assign the position in Labeled[]?

From the documentation, Labeled accepts the positions 'Top, Bottom, Right, Left'. But this is too vague in some situations. So my question is whether it's possible ...
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Sizing a `Labeled` figure

I am trying to control the overall width of a Labeled bar chart. However, it seems whether I put ImageSize->225 as an option ...
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