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Questions about using the Wolfram Kernel with Jupyter notebooks.

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Running WL in a Jupyter Notebook in VSCode

I have Wolfram Engine (and wolframscript) installed. I want to create Jupyter Notebooks that run WL in VSCode. I don't have Jupyter installed on my computer since I have it as an extension in VSCode. ...
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Wolfram Engine + Jupyter $\stackrel{?}{=}$ Mathematica

I want to buy a license for Mathematica and was checking the prices. Some people on Reddit have claimed that one can get a free a Wolfram Engine and install the Jupyter notebook interface and that is ...
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How to insert input into Jupyter notebook using WebExecute

I started web session and opened a Jupyter notebook in it: ...
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Derivative of long expression renders Piecewise[…<<…>>…] in Jupyter notebook

My mathematical problem is to solve the optimization problem: $$ Max_{u} \quad \mathbb{E}[\gamma S-S^2]$$ where $$S= A_0 u X+a-\max(\alpha u X+b,0)$$ with $\gamma,A_0,a,\alpha,b$ some constants and $X\...
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Doesn't work to play sounds using wolfram language for jupyter

I have installed the Wolfram Language to JupyterLab on windows 10 by following the instructions provided here. It seems to work, however ...
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Graphic and value output error on jupyter notebook connected with wolfram engine

I've been trying to run the Wolfram engine in the Jupyter. I've followed this : But I have some problems. Why isn't the graphic output ...
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Can one force dialogs to use the textual from when using the front end?

The documentation for ChoiceDialog states that If Mathematica is run without a notebook front end, ChoiceDialog gives choices in a textual form. Indeed, one ...
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Notebook (.nb) → Jupyter (.ipynb) conversion without Mathematica?

Is there a way to convert Mathematica Notebook files (.nb) to Jupyter files (.ipynb) without using Mathematica?Is there a free online utility or other piece of software that can do this?
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Wolfram kernel on Nteract?

Nteract is a nice desktop client for jupyter kernels: Now that we have the Jupyter Client for Wolfram, I'm wondering how Nteract could be connected to the free Wolfram engine?
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How to export a notebook to Jupyter?

I would like a tool to convert any Mathematica notebook into a Jupyter labs notebook, preserving as much content as possible (.ipynb files are just special json). Obviously, this would need to ...
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Plotting correlation between two metrics that contain hundreds of thousands of data points

I wanted some feedback on what is thought of as best practice in terms of showing correlation between two metrics in terms of minutes vs minutes when both metrics contain a large amount of data points ...
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Interactive plots / output in Jupyter based interface

Shortly One can connect Wolfram Engine / Kernel to the Jupyter notebook thanks to github / WRI / WLforJ and following manuals: How to add a front-end to the free Wolfram Engine? Can I rotate ...
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TraditionalForm-like typesetting in Jupyter notebook

One of the nice thing about running Mathematica codes in the front-end, is that one can attach custom typesetting rules to the user-defined symbols. Then, setting the format type of new output cells ...
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How to save animation generated in Jupyter notebook?

I'm playing with the Free Wolfram Engine for Developers together with Wolfram Language kernel for Jupyter notebooks. To my surprise, Manipulate/...
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How to connect Wolfram Engine to Jupyter on Ubuntu?

I followed the instructions at wolframscript configure-jupyter.wls add but I ...
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how can I auto complete the code in Jupyter notebook?

I just noticed that we could use Wolfram Language from How to add front-end to the free Wolfram Engine?. After a while of playing with ...
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How to add a front-end to the free Wolfram Engine? The Free Wolfram Engine for Developers is available for pre-production ...
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Where to find the Jupyter connector?

Has anyone come across the Jupyter connector demonstrated by SW in WTC 2018 Keynote presentation. It is mentioned in the following post.
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