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Questions about interfacing with, or features inspired or demonstrated by the Julia programming language.

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Speediest Julia Set "By Hand"

While being aware of the built-in command, I would like to show my students how the Julia set is actually generated. The code I came up with is slow, even though I am quite happy with the picture it ...
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Calling Julia via `ExternalEvaluate`

I am trying to call Julia from Mathematica via ExternalEvaluate, as per this documentation page. I have Julia installed with all the required packages (...
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FindExternalEvaluators['Python"] returns a blank box instead of the locations or python versions

I'm using Mathematica 12.0 Student Edition and have python 3.7.6 instilled in anaconda and 3.7.8 installed via Microsoft Store. I have followed the reference instructions here but to no avail. The ...
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Call julia from Mathematica?

How might one go about calling julia from Mathematica? And vice versa? I'm aware of the MathLink.jl package (, which I've installed into julia 1.3.1. I ...
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What are the Wolfram Language's relative strengths for machine learning?

I see a low use of Mathematica in Kaggle competitions. Why would one use the Wolfram Language versus R, Python, or Julia for machine learning? Besides prettier plots and the Manipulate function, ...
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Relative performance of the Julia language

I was just reviewing the Mathematica benchmark code linked from the Julia language home page The stated goal of the benchmarks is to test the performance of specific algorithms, ...
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