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Connection of MariaDB 11.2 to work with Mathematica 13.3.1

I would like to get the proper driver settings in place to permit the mariaDB database to connect to Mathematica via a JDBC driver running on a Windows11 64-bit machine. I've got mariaDB version 11.2 ...
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How can I use older JDBC driver(s) to connect with old mySQL databases?

I got a new Mac at work, fresh install of Mathematica v13.3 (old 2015 Mac is dying and has v11.3). Problem: In v13.3 I cannot connect to older mySQL databases, using v13's JDBC driver (...
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JDBC::error when connecting to MySQL database

I'm trying to connect to a MySQL database. I've seen quite a few different methods (some of which are conflicting and seem to be outdated) of connecting but haven't managed to get any to work so far. ...
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Who broke the JDBC?

For the last 10 years or so, I have been accessing the tables of a PostgreSQL database successfully. Suddenly, having upgraded to Version 13.0, I get error messages in the simplest of queries, such as ...
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Issue in OpenSQLConnect[MySQL[JDBC[Connector/J ...]

Struggling with OpenSQLConnect[Connector/J] in Mathematica version 13.0. The code is: ...
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JDBC connection fail after change JVM heap size

Due to the lack of heap capacity, I follow to increase the heap size, but afterward, I cannot connect to the DB even, ...
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Insert a DateObject into MySQL database?

I want to use Mathematica to do some SQL tasks like insert. However, I have difficulty in inserting date into SQL. Here is an example. ...
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QODBC (Quickbooks), ODBC Mathematica connection string [duplicate]

I am trying to connect to QuickBooks using QODBC driver. I am able to successfully connect when I use RazorSQL but can not figure out the correct statements in Mathematica (11.2) nor can Icconnect ...
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JDBC with "autoReconnect=True"

I sometimes leave long computations running overnight and return in the morning to find that my database connection has timed out. I typically have to kill the kernel and launch a new database ...
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How to access AWS Redshift

Hello i am trying to access AWS redshift server. I have the driver installed JDBC[ "",... ] However it seems that i can't ...
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SQLInsert SQLExpr not working in V11

This worked fine in Mathematica 7. Any ideas how to fix it for version 11? ...
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How to OpenSQLConnection with JDBC for "Microsoft Excel"?

I have a very large Microsoft Excel file that will not Import even after setting a 5GB heap size for Java as follows. ...
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JDBC-to-ODBC bridge gone. How to connect to SQL Server now in case of Windows Authentication?

Connecting to our corporate SQL servers using JDBC never worked for me, perhaps related to the Windows Authentication method that is necessary in our network. However, I found out that configuring the ...
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