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How can I solve iteratively for $\Sigma(r)$, T(r) and h(r)?

My naive attempt: ...
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Mathematica does not show anything after running for higher iterations

Consider a BVP: $y^{\prime\prime}=\frac{3}{2}y(t)^{2}$ with the boundary conditions $y(0)=4$ and $y(1)=1$. The exact solution is $y(t)=\frac{4}{(1+t)^{2}}$ and the initial guess is $y(t)=4-3t$. Now I ...
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Symbolic nest expressions

I'm trying to understand how to use symbolic expressions as arguments. The following example represents my problem: ...
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Solve integral equation by iteration

For[{n = 1, y[0][x_] = 1}, n < 4, n++, y[n][x_] = 1 + Integrate[y[n - 1][t]^2 + t^2, {t, 0, x}]; Print[{n, y[n][t]}]] here how can I get table of values ...
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Reproduce the annulus fractal

I've made some attempts, but I don't know how to set the color and thickness of the circle. ...
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Simple Birth Death Process

I am trying to implement simple birth death process. Why my code does not work? Any suggestion. Thanks. Cross posted ...
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How can I iterate this process?

a = RandomVariate[UniformDistribution[{0, 1}]]; b = RandomVariate[UniformDistribution[{0, 1}]]; c = RandomVariate[UniformDistribution[{0, 1}]]; a + a b + a b c ...
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How to use FoldList / NestList and Pure function for this?

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Iterative comparison between different vectors

I have some soccer outcomes for each league round to import in a data form similar to that: ...
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two tier compound interest problem

I am trying to make sense of how mortgage repayment figures are calculated for two tier mortgages, where you fix your interest rate for a certain period and after that period, you fall back to the SVR ...
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Solving an integral vectorial equation by iterations

I'm triying to solve a problem like the following: $$ \binom{f(t)}{g(t)}=\binom{f_0(t)}{g_0(t)}+\lambda\int_0^t ds\hat{A}(s)\binom{f(s)}{g(s)}, $$ where $f_0(t),g_0(t)$ and $\hat{A}(t)$ (a $2\times2$ ...
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Nesting differential operators

Suppose I define differential operators $d=x\frac{\partial}{\partial x}$ and $L=g(x)d^4$ (so that $L(f)=g(x)(x\frac{\partial}{\partial x})^4f$ ) and I want to expand the differential operator $L=a_0+...
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Chebyshev polynomials

How could I write the Chebyshev polynomial as a function that uses Nest? Also, how could I write it using recursion? Furthermore, how can I show that $T_n(x)=\...
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How do I construct and plot functions properly using NestList?

I am trying to construct a function using NestList and plot the values. Although the individually used and defined functions in my notebook seem to do the right ...
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Plotting iterates of a piecewise defined map

This is a follow up question to the one I asked here. I’ve succeeded in figuring out how to plot the first image of my piecewise defined transformation $T: [-1,1]^2 \to [-1,1]^2$, but now I want to ...
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Generating a $N^{th}$ iterative line graph from the adjacency matrix $M$. How to generate $M$?

I have a unit cell, and I would like to generate a lattice but in iterative order. For instance, consider the following example-- The unit cell is (zero iteration) This figure is generated by a ...
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How to find the minimum at each iteration?

I would like to iterate the table for {Q,0,3,1}, {R0,1,5,1}, the values of m=[3.83171, 7.01559, 10.1735, 13.3237, 16.4706, 19.6159, 22.7601, 25.9037] and calculate the corresponding k and Ra. Also, I ...
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FoldList with Composition and parameter

Good day to everyone! I have two (just for simple example) functions and they compose a map: ...
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In an iterative process, how does one simply bypass a step producing an error? [closed]

This is undoubtedly rather elementary, but the remedy escapes me presently (and does not, as far as I can see, readily appear in Help). I'm engaged in an iterative process with several computations ...
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Create a new matrix from an existing matrix and then plot it

I have some code will test an equation and finds values for (n,j,k,l) in which the expression is true and puts them in the matrix - here is the code. ...
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Iterating over a list and defining the range accordingly

I have the following list, l = {{"a", "b"}, {"a", "b"}, {"c", "d"}, {"e", "f"}, {"e", "f"}, {"x", "y", "z"}, {"m", "n", "o"}, {"p", "q", "s"}}; for each ...
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Nest expressions of several arguments

I have the following function: Q[r_, f_, s0_] := Q[r, f, s0] = F[r, s0] D[f[s0], s0] By calling Q[r, Q[r, f, s0], s0] I ...
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How to plot an iterative function of y(n+1) against y(n) in order to analyze the convergence of real power towers? [closed]

I'm new to mathematica and was wondering how to plot an iterative graph for power towers. If there is a power tower y= x^x^x^x^x^x^... we can rewrite it as an iterative equation in the following way: ...
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How to make faster of a code containing more iteration point? [closed]

I am trying to evaluate a code of the Power Series Solution method to get the results. Also, the time of evaluation depends on the parameters I am using. When the iteration point is 50, 60, or 80, it ...
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