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Questions tagged [interface]

Questions on building or modifying user-facing functionality for input, or displaying information.

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After editing a file Mathematica 10 interprets [...]^2 as [...(])^2

Bug introduced in 10.0 and persisting through 10.2 or later This is a very weird bug and I don't really know how to reproduce it, so I'll just copy-paste the whole code ...
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How to bundle JLink with Java application using apache maven

The context: I am planning to visualize some results from my MMA code using D3.js. So I wanted to make a simple REST api using the light weight SparkJava framework. Given my fairly nonexistent ...
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Mathematica 12.1 start-up time in Linux extremely slow

I installed Mathematica 12.1 on my Linux machine and the start-up time is extremely slow. I see the Spikey logo and messages like: Initializing Kernel connections ...
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How can I create a REPL for Mathematica in Sublime Text

I would like to be able to interact with Mathematica command line interface from within Sublime Text. Sublime Text has a package called Sublime REPL that provides an interface for different ...
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Mimicking Console and Output Matlab/Rstudio-Style Environment in Mathematica?

I am trying to crudely approximate the RStudio or Matlab Workspace environment in Mathematica by having a specific notebook function as the "console notebook" where I execute commands and another ...
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Deploy an interactive dynamic interface with some complex code behind

This question might have been discussed in bits and pieces already, but I couldn't find a coherent conversation about what are the best practices and strategies for deploying a moderately complex ...
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How to run a Mathematica package (.m) from python?

I am new to Mathematica and I need to interface with a Python code that I have. Basically, I have a Mathematica package (.m) with a bunch of complicated functions. I want to use some code from python ...
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How to remove tags under the code?

How do I remove these tags under my code? Don't know what are they called. Thank you in advance.
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Ubuntu 12.10 no window focus on help browser

The help browser is not getting window focus when clicked on it. Clicking links or buttons in the help browser works without window focus, but copying code or typing in it doesn't. I can get window ...
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Why Dataset does not accept to add two more lines in an element?

Why Dataset does not accept to add two more lines in the "quantifying" element (and returns an Association instead of making the 2 more lines)? ...
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Creating an online interactive interface

I want to cloud deploy a dynamic interface on which I have multiple types of widgets for different parameters and where, upon the click of a button, I send a list of arguments to a certain function, ...
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Possible to add a `Find "string"' to the Toolbar?

It would be nice to have a persistent "Find" feature on the tool bar. I find the FindAndReplaceDialog to be clumsy on MacOs. I could do this with a DockedCell, but then I would need to do it for ...
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Drag-and-drop image out of notebook

Drag-and-dropping images into notebooks works like a charm. But oftentimes I already have an image in a notebook and I want to use somewhere outside Mathematica. So we do this: right-clicking and ...
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Disable Increased Indentation on Open Brackets, Parentheses, Quotes, etc

An interface annoyance, to the otherwise exceptional automatic indentation, is the fact that Mathematica increases the indentation on a line when one opens a bracket, parentheses, quote, etc. I can't ...
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Interface design to replace cascading dialogs which don't work

I would like to make a nice Interface of a simulation I wrote, but i don't know how. I want that you run the code and then a window asking for input of some values appears (either in the same ...
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Deal with sudo/interactive input in StartProcess

Deal with sudo/interactive input in StartProcess There is a example in document page of StartProcess ...
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Huge spaces between symbols in cells like "Input" and "DisplayFormula" in Mathematica 14

With the same font "Source Code Pro", the spacing in cells of type "Input" and "Output" have different sizes. How can I reduce the space between characters to an ...
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How to resolve the following problem with DialogInput/PopupMenu?

Consider the following DialogInput: ...
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How to input coordinates on a FormObject using ClickPane or LocatorPane

I want to make a form in which one of the fields is filled with a list of two numbers (a 2D coordinate) via a ClickPane or LocatorPane. Is it possible? I cannot figure it out! It seems from the ...
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Is there a possibility to make the grey word "Information" not appear when the form "form" is called by form[]?

Is there a possibility to make the grey word "Information" not appear when the form "form" is called by form[]? ...
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How to have a form running when called from an ActionMenu in a Palette?

I create a FormFunction "form": ...
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Resizing a notebook with a command

I've got some notebooks which my friend wrote on a different computer, presumably with a much higher resolution screen to mine. When I try to open them on my computer, the window size of the notebook ...
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Is there a way to count quantity of evaluations (this preferred) or edits in a cell since last notebook save?

Abstract The goal is to use this to create an autoSave[evals_:5]:=Module[{}, save after set number of evaluations or edits have occured...]. I asked a similar ...
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CreateExecutable returns $Failed

My platform is win10 64b, Mathematica 11 and Visual Studio 2015. When I apply CreateExecutable, it always returns $Failed. The ...
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passing values between widgets in GUIKit

I am writing a short GUIKit script with one TextField widget that takes the path of the image and a button widget which imports the image. The problem I have is ...
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V10 interface problems

Has anyone noticed the following? Sometimes when I bring up the Help->Wolfram Documentation there is no text field to type into. When I bring up Find and Replace there are two text fields for Find: ...
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Save open Mathematica Notebook from command line or second Notebook to avoid data loss

I was executing a long Mathematica Notebook over night. The Mathematica instance is running on a Linux workstation (in a vnc server session to be precise). Now I cannot access this session anymore, ...
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Mathematica notebook interface and touch screens

This questions has been ask before over two years ago. There are yet no answers. It is a simple question, does the Mathematica notebook interface support touch? If it does how do you use settings to ...
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A standalone notebook that just shows a Manipulate and hides all other code?

I have a complex notebook with one cell that contains a bunch of initial definitions, several modules, and finally a Manipulate object. For a simple example take ...
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Saving code as a blackbox for wolfram player

I am trying to save my program as a blackbox so those who I am deploying it to are able to use it, but there is no reason for them to have the huge chunk of code beforehand to have to scroll through. ...
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Is there a way to place the Tabs to left of the figure in TabView?

I have a very large LayeredGraphPlot that is oriented left to right and I have TabView that highlight the paths. But the problem is I have to press Tabs on the top ...
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Attempting to speed up processing time by cutting down on dynamic functions in an interactive interface

Greetings Mathematica fans, I am currently trying to build an interactive interface to sift through a large amount of data visually. The data consists of many sets containing 70-80 points, which have ...
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Consistency between Enter keys

The notebook tutorial notes that Shift+Enter needs to be pressed to evaluate input; however, for the number pad, only Enter is required. It appears as though the use of Shift is inverted for the ...
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