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Insert a nonlinear PDE in Mathematica

I am new to Mathematica and trying to learn its language. I want to solve a non-linear PDE but don't know how to insert it. Would you please help me or give me some tutorial about it?
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Insert function not working [closed]

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Conditional Insert Into a List of Lists

When importing tabular data as Import["URL","Data"], it is often the case that Mathematica will skip returning values for tables in which an entry in the table is blank. For ...
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Insert string elements to an array

(Minimal example) I'm dealing with the following array : ...
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Is it possible to insert/add an array (row or columns) in a matrix?

Assume we have an m by n a non-square matrix. My question is this, is it possible/allowed to insert an arbitrary array ( either row or column) in such matrix so that I can obtain a square matrix? Is ...
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How to change size of an image in the background of a graph?

I'm trying to put a background image in a graph I've made but I can't figure out how to resize it so it fits the whole background, rather than just the section. The code I have so far is ...
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Format FinancialData into MS Excel. How can I curate the data before exporting it?

My goal is to curate the following data before I export it as a CSV to open in Excel. I have downloaded financial data for more than one asset, like the following: ...
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How to access inserted data from table? [closed]

I'm inserting a number into the first column of a table, but when I call the table again, the number is not there anymore. Can someone explain to me what I'm doing wrong here? ...
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How to complete list of data with integers?

I have a data list with two columns {xi, yi}. The numbers in the left column for xi are integers. For example: ...
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Tagging a list of lists

This is probably a stupid question, but I am having problems trying to tag a list with identifying integers. For example I have tried to tag {{a,b},{c,d},{e,f}} ...
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ListManipulation [duplicate]

I changed the list a bit, maybe this really what I want. Please I need some suggestions. I wanted to combine this two list, ...
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Insert a PDF paragraph (from LaTeX) in a cell

I need to insert a PDF paragraph (from LaTeX) in a cell. I realized that the option "Insert file" does not work with PDF text. Because I need resize the paragraph without quality loss, PNG image is ...
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FoldList or NestWhileList applied to Insert function

I have 3 list namely, start = {{Sqrt[5], 3}, {Sqrt[13], 1}}; toAdd = {{7, 2}, {7, 5}, {1, 1}}; idx = {2, 3, 4};. I can write a ...
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No Way to paste a Picture from Clipboard under Linux?

As far as I remember, on a Windows PC in the old days of Mathematica 4 I could paste an image from the clipboard by just pressing Ctl-V. This seems to be no longer available on my Linux PC. If I try ...
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How to update values in an Association using a pattern?

Say, having an association: asc = <|"a" -> 5, "b" -> 4, "c" -> 21|> I can updated values like: ...
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MySQL insert statement over remote server is extremely slow. How can I speed it up?

I need to insert values to a remote MySQL server. However it is extremely slow compared to a local MySQL server. This is my timing for the local MySQL server ...
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Inserting an indexed string into the 1st position of each pair in a list of pairs

How do I insert "Z" and then a number going from 1 to end (without space) in a list? I have the following list: Input: ...
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How to insert into a nested list/association?

Considering following nested structure: ...
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How to insert a character in a string with condition?

Considering we have a string: str = "1a 789 4/7 123/7 asff %$#7 478 9/4" How can I insert "/1" for the numbers that are ...
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How to Insert Multiples Rows in Database (SQL)

I want to insert a matrix into a database, preferably with syntax like this: ...
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Mathematica "Insert" not working [duplicate]

Why doesn't this work: ...
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Expand Graphics based on all elements

How might I force the following Graphics element to expand to contain the Inset text? ...
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Find missing values in time series and fill them with Na

I have this list list = {{1, 3}, {3, 7}}; representing a time series from t = 1 to t = 4. How would I go about filling the missing values so that my list looks ...
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Looking for a way to insert multiple elements into multiple positions simultaneously in a list

I would like to take the following data: insertValues = {r, x}; insertPositions = {{1}, {5}}; originalList = {a, b, c, d, e, f, g}; and generate output that ...
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How to inject an evaluated expression into a held expression? [duplicate]

I know that there are methods to structurally manipulate held expressions (discussed e.g. here), but I failed to apply those for this particular problem: ...
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Injecting a sequence of expressions into a held expression

Consider the following toy example: Hold[{1, 2, x}] /. x -> Sequence[3, 4] It will give Hold[{1, 2, Sequence[3, 4]}] ...
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