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How to get the output of evaluating in place and append the output to the place

I am trying to use MMA for some engineering calculations, and the text cell contains both descriptive text and mathematical formulas. The example is as follows: ...
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Why using compiled code inside compiled code may slow things down?

I made some code that I compiled. The snippet looks as follows: ...
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How to protect generated inline cells from editing?

I want to protect generated inline cell (which contains TeX source) from attempts to edit, since any attempt to regenerate box structure will fail. In particular, suppose in a text cell one creates ...
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Save inline math in packages

I can enter inline math with Ctrl+( in text cells, but saving this .wl file does not save the formatting. This can be seen by examining the source. How can I save this formatting? ...
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Collapse (hide) code inside a function

I often use structures similar to the "func" below, however I would like to be able to "hide" the function definitions (similar to cell grouping using a group opener). I think an ...
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First character of inline cell is partially cut off

Bug introduced in 12.3 or earlier and persisting through 13.1.0 [CASE:4900891] Notice how the "f" is partially cutoff in the following inline cell. Here is the textual form. ...
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Insert result of inline evaluation [closed]

In previous versions of Mathematica I could inline evaluate the call to Solve in the code below with the result replacing the call. Very useful to speed code up. ...
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Compilation: How to get rid of MainEvaluate[Hold[myFunction][arg1, arg2, arg3]]

I am trying the following code: ...
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