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Homework questions are welcome, as long as they are asked honestly, explain the problem, and show sufficient effort. Please do not use this as the only tag for a question. Please do not add this tag to questions by other people unless they explicitly say that their question is part of their homework.

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Plotting gradient and newton directions for parametric system of nonlinear ODEs

I have a bucket (system) of chemical kinetics models, a nonlinear dynamical system given by: where kf >= 0 and kr >= 0 are the parameters. The initial conditions are A(0) = B(0) = 1 and C(0) = 0. I'...
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Writing a function to set up and solve the least squares problem

I have setup the explicit line equation for a given set of points using least-squares approximation and the knots computed below. I have tried extending the same code for use with an arbitrary degree, ...
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DSolve bvlim error due to Boundary condition

I am solving an Ode using Mathematica: $$-p\alpha x^{p-1}=m\ddot{x},\quad x(0)=x_0,\quad x'(0)=x''(0)=0,\quad x(t_1)=0.$$ And I have $p\alpha>0$, all $x$ and $t$ are positive. I want to figure out $...
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How would I use Mathematica to solve this question?

Given the following matrix, A, that corresponds to a particular subset of the world wide web: ...
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Why is my module saying "cannot assign to raw object" when I run it more than once?

I am trying to solve the shortest path problem in Mathematica. My code looks like this so far. I first import the list. ...
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Suggestions for practice problems

As a first year student at IITM, we have a beginner course on Mathematica. For the end-semester examinations we need practice questions due to insufficiency of problems at hand, and I was wondering if ...
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Writing a function that has two inputs

Write a function called DOTPRODUCT that has two inputs u and v, assumed to be two non-empty lists of numbers of arbitrary length, checks that the two lists are of equal length, prints an error message ...
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Solving multiple systems using Cholesky factorization to find Inverse of a matrix

I have a matrix: A = {{1, 1, 1, 1}, {1, 5, 5, 5}, {1, 5, 14, 14}, {1, 5, 14, 30}} I wrote code in Mathematica (mostly copying what professor gave us, I'm new to ...
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Finding the volume by rotating the region bounded by the curves $y=\sin(x)$, $y=0$, $x=0$, $x= \pi$ about $y=-1$

I would like to find the volume of the region obtained by rotating the region bounded by the curves $y=\sin(x)$, $y=0$, $x=0$, $x=\pi$ about $y=-1$. Calc 2 wasn't a strong suit of mine, so this ...
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Numerical solution of a PDE having boundary conditions

I am solving a PDE using Mathematica. and I would like to know how to implement the condition that the three-variable function u[t, x, z] ...
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Devise a compact storage mode

I am writing a code for solving a symmetric band matrix by Cholesky decomposition. I need to store the matrix by defining only the non-zero diagonals of the matrix not the full matrix with band size $...
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Application of ODE

I got to do some assignment for my Student Research. 1. Cat and mouse are in room which is shape in sqare . Cat is in one topic square, mouse in another one. In topic square oposite than cat position ...
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Creating a 3D version of the rule 90 cellular automaton

I need help. I want to create a 3D version of the rule 90 cellular automaton, but I don't know how to do it. Please help me. It is for a class in the theory of chaos. this is my code ...
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Plot moments as a function of bin size?

I need to plot moments of a distribution as a function of bin size to show whether or not the tails of this data set are Gaussian. My data is in [][1] Here is how I've plotted ...
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how to write the Max of this function / How can i use Max[]

Hi every one I really need your help in this question write the function in the picture nction in Mathematica because I need to make graph... ?? could anyone help me ? I'd appreciate some help. ...
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