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The Mathematica Home Edition is a reduced price license for non-professional use.

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Would one be able to transfer a home edition to a replacement machine/laptop?

I presently have Version installed on my home MacBookAir, and am considering updating. The laptop is more than four years old, and I am a little concerned that I may, at some point, need a ...
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"Home Edition" license for Mathematica: country and upgrades [closed]

I'm interested in buying a "Home Edition" license for Mathematica, but there's the following information which I'd like to know beforehand and which I cannot find online: As I'm about to buy it, the ...
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Home edition: Updates and installing it on a new computer

I cannot find any info concerning the Home Edition on the eligibility to receive updates (so e.g. from 9.0.0 to 9.0.1) to install it on a more than one computer or on a new computer (I am planning ...
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downloading home version for mac

This is I think a trivial question but I did check against those already asked. I am downloading Mathematica (home use). Very slow connection. So my Mac displayed the progress bar but this morning ...
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Can the banner in the Home Edition be removed?

The Mathematica Home Edition shows a banner at the top of every notebook: Is there a way to (permanently) get rid of it, without violating the EULA? Edit Yesterday, I sent this message to WRI ...
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What are the differences between the “Home Edition” and the regular Mathematica?

The product page for Mathematica Home Edition says: Mathematica Home Edition is intended for hobbyists and enthusiasts alike, for non-professional use. If you wish to integrate Mathematica in your ...
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