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Problem re-activating an old notebook [duplicate]

I have used many notebooks. I know how to select function and variable definitions I want to use in future (new) notebooks. How do I then set them up to be an Initialisation for new notebooks?
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Any practical benefit of preserving notebook history?

Yesterday I tried to figure out why my Mathematica file reached a gigantic size of 54 MB. By deleting, it would seem, all the graphs and tables with the results of calculations, I was able to reduce ...
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Mathematica history: restoring previous version

I have read such page: So we can see when each line has been modified. But can we restore to the associated version ? ...
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Finding year that MMA functions were introduced via programmatic calls in the Wolfram Language [duplicate]

Is there a way to find the year that MMA functions were introduced via programmatic calls in the Wolfram Language? I would like to be able to create and manipulate such a list or dataset.
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Mathematica vs. MATLAB philosophy [closed]

During a typical (possibly with alcohol mixed) discussion among some academic peers in regards to numeric calculation and general modern use of computers in science and engineering settings, it become ...
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Mathematica on Windows 98

I have Windows 98 computer. I would like to know what the latest version of Mathematica which worked on Windows 98 was.
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What happened to SequenceLimit?

In older versions of Mathematica, there was a function called SequenceLimit that allowed taking the limit of a numerical sequence. It is useful for speeding up the ...
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How do I get the timing of an evaluation after it has already finished?

Sometimes I forget to add Timing[] to my evaluation and only notice it once it has already finished. Some of my calculations take hours or even days, so I don't ...
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Is there a way to obtain the time when an input was executed in a notebook?

I have a notebook with lots of In[n] in my current session. The notebook has been open for over three days. I would like to get the timestamps for when certain old ...
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What has changed in Mathematica since version 2 so that Do no longer can be used to make animations?

I am running Mathematica 11. There is a wonderful 27 year old book called Exploring Mathematics with Mathematica, which does a lot of interesting mathematical stuff with version 2 of Mathematica. One ...
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Why %n need to use with care?

I am new to Mathematica and don't understand why %n need to use with care. Is there any problem if use it? I cannot find explanation in the book.
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FinancialData - differents results in time

I use FinancialData to get historical stock prices (see code below). I update them each year to get new data. I found out that stock price for particular month (e.g....
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Why did the Mathematica Language choose term rewriting instead of the Lambda Calculus as its basis?

Now we can see that Church was associated with the Simply Typed Lambda Calculus. Indeed, it seems he explained the Simply Typed Lambda Calculus in order to reduce misunderstanding about the Lambda ...
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How convert old version 2.2 .ma files to .nb notebooks?

I have a lot of old Mathematica version 2.2 .ma files that simply crash the current (10.4.1) version of Mathematica if I try to open them. Is there some way to ...
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Seeking for method to speedup and get more flexable control Notebook History

When doing calculations in notebook, I modify the code a lot, and there are several versions of similar codes in the same notebook. But I found myself easily forgot which version is the newest, and I ...
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Is it possible to change default $HistoryLength [duplicate]

By default $HistoryLength is set to \[Infinity]. This is often unnecessary and can cause unecessary memory usage. I can of ...
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autocomplete or forward search input histories

I think there are many bash users here. In bash, a forward search of input histories can be done by Ctrl+r, which let you edit your previous similar input and reuse it. Is there a similar function in ...
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Undo history cleared after removing comments - bug?

If I've written some code followed by a comment, like this: x(*y*) and I remove the comment by first removing the right delimiter and then the left, my undo ...
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Save all input History in a log file

I would like to write some code in my init.m to save all inputs {In[1],In[2],...In[lastone]} right before I close the kernel (or exit Mathematica). Such a script ...
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Revert Notebook to earlier version using Notebook History

Is it possible to revert a notebook to its earlier version via the Mathematica's Notebook History panel? It would be nice if I could select a point in time in the bottom graph and revert back to that ...
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How to retroactively merge cell change history according to a merge interval

I recently noted that there is an option in the options inspector to set a merge interval for cell changes: "CellChangeTimeMergeInterval". This (I think) prevents a ...
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Obtain input expression from history without evaluating

I typed and evaluated an expression, but deleted it from the notebook. For instance, suppose it was In[1]:= Round@SessionTime[] Out[1]= 2 I now want to retrieve ...
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