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Questions tagged [histograms]

Tag for questions about building histograms in Mathematica. Apart from generating the graphics, and prettifying them, this also includes methods to extract their data.

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Why is WeightedData slow?

I have been using WeightedData with Histogram, HistogramList, ...
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How to get DensityHistogram bins like GeoHistogram bins?

Version 11 introduced GeoHistogram. It creates bins that align the edges with certain shapes. DensityHistogram can also use ...
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SetOptions[Plot, FIlling -> Axis] breaks SmoothHistogram of a CDF

Bug introduced in 12.1 or earlier and persists through 13.3 . UPDATE: I reached out to Wolfram, and they confirmed that it's a bug. I am using version 12.3. Here's a simple plot of some randomly ...
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Histogram (automatic binning)

There are different methods for choosing widths of bins for a histogram, like Freedman-Diaconis rule. In Mathematica, without choosing a specific method, with the command ...
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Dynamic evaluation of Histogram

Can someone explain the following behavior exhibited by a combination of SetDelayed, Dynamic and ...
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Making a histogram with a log scale

Sorry for my poor english. I am really new in Mathematica. I have a data set and plot it in histogram, The whole script is following: ...
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Changing the color and thickness of smooth histograms of two sets curves on the same graph

I have a code (shown below) where I generate two different sets of data and plot the two sets as a smooth histogram on the same graph. The code works pretty well. What I'm having an issue with is ...
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How to create 2D ImageHistogram?

Using ImageHistogram I can find the frequency of each color value in an image. Applying the same, I can have a histogram of its gradient values. I wish to combine these two on a log scale such that X -...
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Low EPS export quality for Histogram/BarChart

I like to export a figure as an EPS and continue to edit it afterwards (e.g., with inkscape). In the past, I was only exporting plots and everything worked fine: figures had high quality, and I could ...
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How to make a histogram-like plot?

Consider the following data: ...
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How to use ScalingFunctions for multiple superimposed histograms?

Consider the simple MWE ...
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Making a histogram of a dictionary

I am trying to make a histogram of the dictionary where each bin is how many characters in a word, and the height is the frequency of words with that many characters. I'd like to make one for the ...
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Histogram doesn't show all bins

I have data that runs from values of 0 all the way to 40000. When I plot the histogram of this data using the Histogram[] command I get this: I've split the data up into those that are below 1500 ...
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Getting a PDF from a NonlinearFitModel

With the help of @JimB, I could fit some experimental data with a CDF using NonLinearFitModel. The set of data is the following: ...
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Can I make the z-axis on the SmoothHistogram3D output show quantity rather than probability?

In SmoothHistogram3D, the x- and y-axes are in the form of the original input; 0 maps to 0 and 1 maps to 1, etc. However, the z-axis returns a probability rather ...
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Histogram - large data set

Hi everyone I have various text files that contain a large number of data points that have a broad range from negative to positive and even numbers that are small on the order of 10^-3 all the way to ...
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Difference of ImageHistogram and Histogram of gray scale image

I have a gray scale image showing noise and would like to plot the histogram. The image is: A. When I use ImageHistogram I get the histogram with: ...
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Comparing heavy tailed and non-heavy tailed distribution using Mathematica

I have data from a heavy tailed distribution (see picture 1) and a non-heavy tailed distribution (see picture 2) and want to compare it using a histogram on log-scale. However the picture 3 does not ...
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Automatically sizing elements in a DistributionChart with custom ChartElementFunction

This is a follow-up to some related questions: 46770 and 60600. I'd like to make a DistributionChart where the elements are histograms with my own custom settings. ...
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Problems with log-log histograms

I'm using a custom function to create Log-Log Histograms of my data. It uses the CustomTicks` package (in LevelScheme, to display Log Ticks. ...
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Color Range of Chart Style in DensityHistogram and How to Annotate?

I have experimental data in the structure of thousands of {x,y} set. So, I want to get the 2D histogram of x and y. I found the Function called DensityPlot and DensityHistogram. The former seemed that ...
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Bin edges from BinCounts

I'm working with a set of data binning values. I'm using bincount and binlists to find bins that meet a certain criteria and then testing a list to see which are within one of those bins. This list of ...
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Plot BarChart and fixing the bars

I have 3 problems plotting the amplitudes of eigenvectors of a matrix H vertically (column). e.g. ...
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Exporting histogram to PDF with log scaled heights does not seem to work on 11.2

I'm on version 11.2 and using Windows 10. Here is some data and a histogram of it with log scaled heights. ...
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Was there ever a package called "BinThis"?

I'm working my way through someone's old code and rebuilding it. In one of the notebooks it appears they used a package called "BinThis" which I cannot seem to find any documentation for or ...
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How can I keep a distance to the abscissa axis when specifying an AxisLabel in the form "text"?

These observations are from Mathematica on Linux x86 (64 Bit). With AxisLabel->{"A", "number"} the character ...
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How Do I can Generate a CDF Plot from Below PDF code and also it Histogram Plot?

I have tried many times to plot a CDF from the following PDF code , But I failed to get that however I have used the command CumulantGeneratingfunction[, ] but it coudn't work , any Help ?and also the ...
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How can I fit my histogram with appropriate distribution?

I got this list: ...
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Mixture distribution fitting containing a uniform distribution

I have a dataset that is clearly the mixture of 3 known distributions which can be generated as follows: ...
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Plot moments as a function of bin size?

I need to plot moments of a distribution as a function of bin size to show whether or not the tails of this data set are Gaussian. My data is in [][1] Here is how I've plotted ...
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Assign observations into classes using Sturges rule

I have a list of 562 observations that I would like to assign to classes (bins) using Sturges rule. What is the best way to implement this in Mathematica?
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How to get data from Histogram (HistogramList) for making plot?

I have a data I need to calculate the probability of the second column of my data in different bins and then getting(-LOG) from this probability and plot with the each bin related to it. my data is ...
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