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How Color the PathGraph Showing Multiple Shortest Paths on the US Counties Map

Below is code for mapping the connectivity of US counties. It comes from the Mathematica reference on "Connectivity of US Counties". I've highlighted 3 shortest paths shown in red. However, ...
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mapping a digraph across sectors of countries

Given a (9,9) matrix representing three countries (for example, the US, China, Russia), each one of which has three sectors (vertices/sectors {1, 2, 3) for the US; {4, 5, 6} for China; and {7,8,9} for ...
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GeoListPlot - How can I create edges between points on a GeoGraphic object by clicking on them?

I'm attempting to use Mathematica to manually create a graph from a set of GPS coordinates (vertices). This graph will define the paths an autonomous rover will travel along. Here's what I have so far ...
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Completing graph edges "around the world" to GeoPlot an itinerary

My central goal is to plot a complex international inter-city itinerary on a world map, which might include repetitions of a single segment (e.g., New York to London or London to New York). The ...