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Function for identifying wasteful cells (e.g. needless large graphics) - does this exist already?

I noticed that I have a bad habit of saving notebooks with huge graphics in them and it's starting to impact storage and load times a little much. I figured I could make a routine to point out the few ...
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Is there a (separate) program to convert Mathematica expressions to LaTeX?

I see several questions about converting Mathematica content to LaTeX. But I didn't see any satisfying answers. I'm wondering if there is a utility that will convert Mathematica display formulae to ...
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What could cause an "Uncaught Throw[$Failed,CURLLink`Utilities`Exception] returned to top level." error message?

I am running a program in Mathematica that uses web browser automation, and is also connected to my email account. The program runs fine for a while, but after a few hours, I end up getting the ...
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Best Practice to Manage Utility Functions

It is often the case sometimes we write some functions that turns out to be handy and we would like to reuse them later. My current solution is to keep them in a single notebook and copy them to every ...
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Mathematica menu-bar disappeared!

The menu bar at the top of Mathematica notebook disappeared (don't remember which key I pressed). How can this be fixed?
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Find and replace only in one cell

I would like to "find" and "replace all" in only one cell. Is this possible? For instance if I have an expression common to many cells, and I want to avoid having to replace it also in other cells, ...
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Printing definitions properly

GeneralUtilities's definition printing functions are very useful, I find them much better than Save and friends because they format the code properly. However, ...
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