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Image-based reinforcement learning with neural networks

After seeing that "OpenAIGym" is not exactly supported on Windows and playing around with
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Neural network for a simple game?

I'm taking a class that is based on the Mathematica coding language, and we must do a 6-week final project. I am considering coding a neural network for a simple game like 2048, pacman, snake, etc. ...
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Something like MATLAB Cody for Mathematica? (Learning through exercises.)

At some rainy days, when I realise again the TV program is getting worse and worse ... I visit Cody: Cody™ is a MATLAB Central game that challenges and expands your knowledge of MATLAB. As a web ...
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Nash equilibrium in game theory?

Are there examples of the solution of Nash non-cooperative games with mixed or pure strategies? How could be implemented in Mathematica 10?
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Automatic import of the lexicon for the Game of Life

I am trying to import the lexicon for the Game of Life, preserving the structured information as far as possible automatically (so if the data changes a future import will update it). The text form of ...
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How do I publish a game I made in Mathematica so that anyone can play it who is unfamiliar with Mathematica?

I'm trying to figure out how to publish a game so a friend can play it by just providing a link to it. Is that possible or do they have to have an account or be tech savvy?
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ArrayPlot rasterization to PDF blurry

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How to put images on a map so that they disapear when another image passes over them

We are working to create a pacman type of game and we cannot figure out for to get colored dots on the maze to represent the food the pacman eats. Here is our code so far: ...
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How to find optimizers with computer in this kind of minimax problem

I have a minimax problem of the form $$\max_{\substack{u_1,\dots,u_n \ge 0 \\ u_1+\dots+u_n = 1}} \min_{\substack{v_1,\dots,v_m \ge 0 \\ v_1+\dots+v_m = 1 \\ v_{j_1} \le v_{j_2} \hspace{1mm} \forall (...
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