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Minesweeper: How to Dynamic a lot of graphics with high-speed?

Recently I've implemented Minesweeper in Mathematica. ...
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Programming the fiver game

Obviously, even if I ask a lot of question I am, obviously, still a dummy!!!! I want to program the fiver game. It's a very simple game played solitary on a $5 \times 5$ the rule is elementary : if ...
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The Game of Hex in Mathematica

The Game of Hex is a game originally developed by Nash, and it's rules are very simple. You start out with a hexagonal tiling of some size: There are two players. The game is in turns, and every time ...
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Can Mathematica put these puzzle pieces together?

I have five DXF files with various geometric figures. Are squares with a different geometric shape in each DXF file... Four DXF files have a square with a different geometric shape on one side while ...
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How to optimally solve and generalize this Conway's Game of Life puzzle

I tried solving this using mma. I am aware of this command - Cellular automata. But i don't want to use that coz then there is no challenge. So below is how i did it and my question is can this be ...
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How to plot a coalition game?

Consider a game of a function $v$ which has \begin{align} v(1) & \geq 1\\ v(2) & \geq 0\\ v(3) & \geq 1\\ v(1,2) &\geq 4\\ v(1,3) &\geq 3\\ v(2,3) &\geq 5\\ v(1,2,3) &...
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