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How can I transpose SCILAB/MATLAB code with for loop into Mathematica? [closed]

How can I transpose the following SCILAB/MATLAB code into MATHEMATICA? I took a look at similar questions, but none of them seemed to provide a solution. ...
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Speed up the evaluation of For loop

I am writing a script to simulate the spins. I have used "For" loop, but the execution takes long time as I have a lot of dataset. Has there any way to make it faster ? Here is the code: <...
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How to create a model that simulates N generations?

I want to use the For syntax to turn the programme around for N generations. However, I am not quite sure how to use For syntax. For example, the following list is available. This is the first ...
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How to solve this task in Mathematica [closed]

How to x1 return back in for loop and plot xt? ...
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Parallelize a "For" cycle

I'm trying to parallelize a simple routine inside a "for" loop. Essentially, I need to compute the roots of a function $f(x)$ that depends on the discrete parameters $d$ and $R_0$. However, ...
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