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Questions tagged [fits-format]

Questions about the FITS file format.

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Using FITS file to plot dispersion relation graph problem

I'm using a FITS file to plot the dispersion relation $\left( \omega-\sqrt{k_x^2+k_y^2} \right)$ of solar wave. However, it failes to work. I think there may be errors about the FITS files imported, ...
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Trouble reading FITS with Mathematica 12

I've been using Mathematica to process FITS for years, but it has changed in version 12. Import now yields an Association rather ...
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FITS files are importing with different values depending on version

Bug introduced in 11.3 I recently updated to 11.3 and found that my FITS files don't import the same way anymore. I've read a posts about the changes made to FITS imports and can deal with that fine ...
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View header information of FITS file

I'm dealing with .fits (.fit) files with Mathematica, and these files are Fermi LAT GRBs data. We can import one of them by ...
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Importing FITS files with Mathematica 11.3, bug?

With Mathematica 11.2 I could import this FITS file without problems in about 20-30 seconds using: Import["filename.fits.gz", "TableData"] With Mathematica 11.3 ...
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Accessing table extension in FITS file

I have a FITS file here that has no image but simply has a binary table in its extension. I have tried using Import["file","Tabledata"] but it returns an empty ...
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FITS metadata problem

Looks to me that the FITS Export is borged. Here is the problem: When I export out images with accustom metadata into a FITS file, Mathematica truncates and overwrites it. Here is the metadata I ...
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Combining three R, G, B matrices into a single matrix of 3-tuples?

Working with Mathematica 8 on OSX here. I have three $1024 \times 1024$ matrices representing the counts from consecutive exposures onto a CCD with $R$, $G$, and $B$ filters on it, and am looking to ...
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Exporting data extensions in fits file

Context In Astronomy the de facto standard for images and data is FITS. I would like to export heterogenous data sets into a single fits file. Attempt I am ...
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