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2 answers

Closed-Form Solution for k-ary Tree Traversal Order

I was reading this blog post ( that proposes a new base-k ordering for k-ary trees - I found myself wondering: is it possible to use Mathematica to solve a ...
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1 answer

Finding the solution for the cubic formula over NonNegativeReals

The standard cubic polynomial is: $ax^3+bx^2+cx + d$. And when I used my function: ...
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Finding the Complete Silhouette Area Formula given a Convex Polyhedron

Like always, I am probably over complicating this and there is a much simpler way to derive a general formula using built-in Mathematica functions, think about it differently, or a faster way to solve ...
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2 votes
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Convert Wolfram to Python [closed]

Is there any way for python to generate a list and then find a function based on it just like how FindFit works in Wolfram? Preferably I would like the solution to work on Replit or Google Colab. ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Options to find an analytical description of some points

I have a set of points {{x1,y1},...{xn,yn}} and I would like to have the analytical expression of a function that describes them reasonably well. So that I can plot this function on a ...
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