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1 answer

NDSolve: method of lines: unexpected error: insufficient boundary conditions

As a test of my ability to master the Method of Lines I tried to NDSolve the PDE's system $$\partial_t \varphi = \varpi\qquad\partial_t\varpi=\frac{1}{r}\partial^...
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1 answer

Implementing the field axioms with FindEquationalProof?

I am fiddling around with FindEquationalProof, currently trying to prove some basic statements for fields. I have a set of axioms which almost constitutes the field theory axioms: ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How to compute functional derivative against vector in xAct, xTensor or xTras?

I want to compute the functional derivative against vectors. For example, I have an object that looks like this $R = h_{ijkl}a^i a^j a^k a^l$ I need to compute $\frac{\delta R}{\delta a^p}= 4 h_{...
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Autocorrelated random field generation

Problem is related with my other question So, generate exponentially correlated row $π‘₯_{0,0},π‘₯_{1,0}...π‘₯_{𝑛,0}$ and starting from π‘₯0,0 there will be a correlated column $π‘₯_{0,1},π‘₯_{0,2}...π‘₯_{...
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