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Element-wise vector-matrix exponentiation

I would like to exponentiate the vector x = {x1,x2} element-wise with the non-square matrix A = {{1,0},{1,1},{0,1}} so that the ...
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How does Mathematica select principal roots of complex numbers?

When I do I^(1/3) I get Out[]:= (-1)^(1/6) which is one of the solutions of $z^3=i$. There are two more solutions which are ...
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Equation for integer exponents

I'm trying to solve some equations regarding power expansions, but Mathematica doesn't seem to find any solutions (it runs for an arbitrary long time). For example, I have the equation: ...
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How to obtain a list of pairs of exponents in a double series expansion?

Let's say we have a function of two variables $f(x,y)$ and we work out its Taylor expansion up to some power. I would like to use Mathematica to construct a list of all exponents that appear in the ...
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Convert number of scientific format with with negative exponent to MaTeX?

MaTeX can convert many data to LaTeX format, such as: MaTeX[1.26591*^100] will output But when the number has a minus of the exponent, MaTeX wouldn't work right. ...
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Is it possible to ask Mathematica to order this expression in terms of descending absolute values of the arguments of the exponential functions?

I have the given expression which is a sum of exponential functions with some parameters $a,t,u,y$ where $a>0$. Question Is it possible to ask Mathematica to order this expression in terms of ...
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Nested NIntegrate with Matrix Exponential

I wish to perform a numerical integration which involves a matrix exponential. Here's the following code ...
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The `Exponent` of some expressions with `Sum`

Why the following code does not give T where T is a positive integer? Exponent[Sum[Subscript[A, i]*f[x]^i, {i, 0, T}], f[x]] or ...
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