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Python-like virtual environment for Mathematica?

Is there a way to control the versions of dependencies (packages) of Mathematica code, similar to virtual environments in Python (conda or venv), in the interests of reproducibility?
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How to use conda environments in StartExternalSession?

I am trying to get a conda python environment to run in Mathematica under Windows. It includes the following packages (in case you want to reproduce): ...
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Command line instances sharing variables [closed]

I have a Mathematica notebook that I have been running on my desktop and am working on moving it over to a high-performance cluster. One part of the code is a random walk algorithm that uses a ...
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J/Link with Environment Variables and Command-Line Parameters

I have inherited a large number of Java files with classes I am trying to call from Mathematica via J/Link. They are legacy and am not at liberty to modify. A few are used on command-line scripts (...
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Specify position of button

This might go against the spirit of Mathematica, but I would like to create the button, but I do not want that button to be grouped with the code that generated it. In fact, the code that generates it ...
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Is there a way to know how much Java heap space to set?

I have already set it to be 4GB. Needs["JLink`"] ReinstallJava[JVMArguments -> "-Xmx4096m"] However, when exporting a dataset to Excel sheet, I still get the ...
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Where does Mathematica get the value of Environment["PATH"] on newer version of OS X?

Under macOS Sierra, at least, where does Mathematica (currently 11.2) get the value of Environment["PATH"]? A comment to the accepted answer at Why does ...
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