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Plotting more than one curve in one plot using parametric plot option

A follow up to the previous question. The function circp[x,y,t] below is used to plot a curve (circle or ellipse) at different position in a single plot as shown ...
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Calculating relative error of Ramanujan formula for ellipse perimeter

On this page, they present the Ramajujan's second formula for the perimeter of an ellipse: $$P \approx \pi (a+b) \left(1+ \frac{3 h}{\sqrt{4-3 h}+10}\right),$$ where $h=(a-b)^2/(a+b)^2$. They expand ...
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Find the polar plane of the ellipsoid and integrate the Ellipsoid cap

I am working on writing a code to find the polar plane of an ellipse, and subsequently calculate the cap formed by subtending the point $p$ (red) onto a random ellipse. I think I have managed to ...
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Animation internally tangent circles, ellipse [closed]

I am trying to generate an animation like the gif posted. This is what I have gotten so far. I hope someone can help me finish it. ...
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Manipulating expression ParametricPlot

How can I make Mathematica plot the curve being traced by the focii of the ellipse? I know the traced curve would be drawn in an instant, when I switch the variable from u to t, but I want the curve ...
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