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Wolfram Workbench doesn't launch Mathematica

I have installed Eclipse, JDK 14, and Wolfram Workbench on my computer. I have made sure to specify the location of my Mathematica install. However, when I try to open a Mathematica notebook from ...
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Workbench application project with documentation in eclipse

I am trying to make a simple workbench application project in Eclipse but I can't seem to figure out how to build the documentation. I have written a package, but when I click build (under ...
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Wolfram Workbench fails to open .wl file

I'm trying to open a .wl file with the Wolfram Workbench (Eclipse plug-in) and am getting the error message, "Failed to create the part's controls". If I expand the ...
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Wolfram Workbench, Mathematica 11 and Eclipse Mars

I'm new to Mathematica. I have to use it to be compliant with my new colleagues. I have available Eclipse Mars and Mathematica 11, there's a way to use Workbench? None of my colleagues use it or know ...
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Installing Android ADT and Aptana studio plugins into Workbench

My question is a dual to this one. I use Workbench 2.0, but I am now interested in developing some Android Apps and Html projects. In order to do that, I need to install Android ADT and Aptana ...
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webMathematica Settings in Wolfram Workbench

I have Wolfram Workbench installed in the Eclipse IDE. Now I am trying to setup the connection in the webMathematica plugin for Workbench to connect to a remote server installed with webMathematica. ...
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