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Wolfram Workbench autocomplete is not working?

I have installed the latest version of EclipseIDE (eclipse-scout-2023-12-R) and latest version of WolframWorkbench (...
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Workbench application project with documentation in eclipse

I am trying to make a simple workbench application project in Eclipse but I can't seem to figure out how to build the documentation. I have written a package, but when I click build (under ...
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Wolfram Workbench doesn't launch Mathematica

I have installed Eclipse, JDK 14, and Wolfram Workbench on my computer. I have made sure to specify the location of my Mathematica install. However, when I try to open a Mathematica notebook from ...
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Wolfram Workbench fails to open .wl file

I'm trying to open a .wl file with the Wolfram Workbench (Eclipse plug-in) and am getting the error message, "Failed to create the part's controls". If I expand the ...
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Is Wolfram Workbench available in Eclipse Marketplace?

Is Wolfram Workbench available in Eclipse Marketplace? What versions of Eclipse are compatible?
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webMathematica Settings in Wolfram Workbench

I have Wolfram Workbench installed in the Eclipse IDE. Now I am trying to setup the connection in the webMathematica plugin for Workbench to connect to a remote server installed with webMathematica. ...
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Wolfram Workbench, Mathematica 11 and Eclipse Mars

I'm new to Mathematica. I have to use it to be compliant with my new colleagues. I have available Eclipse Mars and Mathematica 11, there's a way to use Workbench? None of my colleagues use it or know ...
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Editing Wolfram Language Packages and Scripts

Background I am currently working on a large software development project written in the Wolfram Language and I would like to organize my code in Wolfram Language Packages and Scripts (.wl files. See ...
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Installing Android ADT and Aptana studio plugins into Workbench

My question is a dual to this one. I use Workbench 2.0, but I am now interested in developing some Android Apps and Html projects. In order to do that, I need to install Android ADT and Aptana ...
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How to install the Wolfram Workbench plugin into Eclipse Kepler or Neon?

Trying to install the Wolfram Workbench plugin into Eclipse Juno fails. How is it possible to install in into Eclipse Kepler ? Or Eclipse Neon?
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