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Smooth Curve using Drawing Tools Palette

I am learning to use the drawing tools palette that comes packaged with Mathematica. I'm attempting to create some diagrams for class using Mathematica's drawing tools rather than Adobe. Is there ...
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Recommended way to style rectangles in drawings [closed]

With the drawing pallette I can create free-form graphics, but the built-in styling options only go so far. Obviously I can create an image somewhere else and then paste it into graphics box, but ...
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Update plot legend after using drawing tools [closed]

After manually editing a plot by changing the colours and filling of the curves using the drawing tools, is there any way to update the legend, so that it corresponds with the new colours?
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Discrete plots instead of parametric plots

I have a big iteration process and I want to look at the trajectories. Although if I consider ParametricPlot for this process, Mathematica connects points with lines. And for ...
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Narrow a Drawing Tools Window

I used the Graphics->New Graphic, then the Drawing Tools to create this in my notebook. Now, you can see that there is ...
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Can Mathematica draw networks with nodes having multiple layers?

Some example networks like this:
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Drawing nodal lines of wave equation

I am new to Mathematica and I want to produce the following figure wich represents the nodal lines of wave equation. Can anyone help?
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How substitute an AbsolutePoint for a car drawing or car icon?

$CAR$ ...
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How to draw a picture like this?

That is what l want,but l can only use Show,Plot3D to get something just like this What should l do?Thanks~
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Drawing two graphics with an arrow in between

I'm trying to draw two graphics object well defined and an arrow in between pointing left to right (symbolizing the mapping between the two). I've tried drawing the arrow first in a graphics object ...
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Grid snap for drawing tools

Is it possible to extend the Drawing Tools palette and add a grid snap feature? Drawing points with discrete intervals would make it a lot easier to draw nice free body diagrams, and other simple ...
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Accessing Draw Tools objects with notebook commands

In a notebook I would like to be able to access and modify the properties of draw tools objects after I've drawn them on a graph by hand. For example, if make a plot and, with draw tools, make a ...
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Draw grid with points

How would I draw a grid with dots on specified intersections? The image below shows the basic idea: If I wanted to label the grid lines with index numbers or letters, how would I do that?
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