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Drawing tools eyedropper crashes Mathematica 12.1 with MengerMesh

Mathematica 12.1.1 under macOS Catalina 10.15.7. In a new notebook, evaluate: MengerMesh[0, 3] Click once on the output's graphic image, which causes the bounding ...
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Best way to draw personalized bloch sphere on mathematica

I would like, for presentation purpose, to be able to draw sphere with vectors inside (basically I need to work with Bloch spheres). For example this kind of results : I need to be able to add ...
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How to create a graph in Mathematica with a specific style similar to the official documentation?

(Edited) I am trying to create some 3D objects in Mathematica that have a similar style to the ones in the official documentation. For example: Below are some graphs on the "Physically Based ...
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PolygonCoordinates extract the submits in the "wrong" order

I don't understand why, in the example below, PolygonCoordinates seems unable to correctly extract the summits of a rectangle in the "right" order so we can ...
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FeynArts is not plotting Propagator labels/fields

I am trying to use FeynArts to generate two feynman diagrams (one for electron scattering, and one for higgs->bb w/ VGF). On the first I can't seem to figure out how to get labels or arrows, not get ...
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Annotation tool for Mathematica

I want to make a tool for redrawing bitmaps with vector graphics. I managed to load the file into the drawing tools. ...
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Whole notebook slows down after opening Drawing Tools

Is there a way to create own, simplified toolbox that would perform faster? I found the toolbox source, but I'm looking for an example on how to extract methods for e.g. drawing lines.
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Package for calculating feynman digrams from number of external points, vectices and propagators

I usually manually compute most of the Feynman diagrams that I need for my assignment by hand. But lately, I've had to deal with $O(\lambda^2)$ with interactions involving both $\phi^3$ and $\phi^4$. ...
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Can Mathematica draw networks with nodes having multiple layers?

Some example networks like this:
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