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Drawing tools eyedropper crashes Mathematica 12.1 with MengerMesh

Mathematica 12.1.1 under macOS Catalina 10.15.7. In a new notebook, evaluate: MengerMesh[0, 3] Click once on the output's graphic image, which causes the bounding ...
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Best way to draw personalized bloch sphere on mathematica

I would like, for presentation purpose, to be able to draw sphere with vectors inside (basically I need to work with Bloch spheres). For example this kind of results : I need to be able to add ...
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How to create a graph in Mathematica with a specific style similar to the official documentation?

(Edited) I am trying to create some 3D objects in Mathematica that have a similar style to the ones in the official documentation. For example: Below are some graphs on the "Physically Based ...
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PolygonCoordinates extract the submits in the "wrong" order

I don't understand why, in the example below, PolygonCoordinates seems unable to correctly extract the summits of a rectangle in the "right" order so we can ...
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Plotting of Lorenz and Bonferroni graphs

enter image description hereHow to draw the Lorenz (𝐿𝐹 (𝑡)) and Bonferroni (𝐵𝐹 (𝑡)) curves for the given distribution with 3D version with interpretation with varying parameters, and when the ...
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FeynArts is not plotting Propagator labels/fields

I am trying to use FeynArts to generate two feynman diagrams (one for electron scattering, and one for higgs->bb w/ VGF). On the first I can't seem to figure out how to get labels or arrows, not get ...
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Whole notebook slows down after opening Drawing Tools

Is there a way to create own, simplified toolbox that would perform faster? I found the toolbox source, but I'm looking for an example on how to extract methods for e.g. drawing lines.
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Package for calculating feynman digrams from number of external points, vectices and propagators

I usually manually compute most of the Feynman diagrams that I need for my assignment by hand. But lately, I've had to deal with $O(\lambda^2)$ with interactions involving both $\phi^3$ and $\phi^4$. ...
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Can Mathematica draw networks with nodes having multiple layers?

Some example networks like this:
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