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Making a graph or network interactively over an image

Given an image, is it possible to manually draw a graph over it? For example, taking the following image: I want to manually pick the vertices and draw the edges in a "Paint-like" manner to get, for ...
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Art on Mathematica: How can I export 4K resolution png images?

This question is solely based upon $[1]$ and therefore, the reading of $[1]$ could be interesting. How can I export the image created, by the code in the following, with high definition, beautiful, 4K ...
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Art on mathematica with filled circles and straight paths: how can I reproduce minimalist suns?

I would like to know: how can I construct minimalist images like this one?
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Is there a way to "freehand draw" in Mathematica, and pick up the plotted data in real time?

What I want is to be able to draw some drawing with a simple pen tool (as with the Freehand Line from the Drawing Tools of Mathematica), while a script runs every time something is added to the ...
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Drawing hollow disks in 3D with an sphere in center and small spheres on the rings

I was trying to draw the following logo of an atom using Mathematica, but I could only figure out how to draw intersecting ellipses, not a nice logo like below. Do you have any idea? And is ...
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How to draw the outline of an icon made of several polygons?

I have an icon defined like that: speakerIcon = Graphics[{ Triangle[{{0, -1}, {1,1},{-1,1}}], Rectangle[{-1, -1},{1, 0}] }, ImageSize->20] I can ...
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Trouble aligning Graphics with Image

I import the test image eloquently named "Tank2": img = ExampleData[{"TestImage", "Tank2"}] And do an extremly poor corner detection: ...
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How to draw a picture like this?

That is what l want,but l can only use Show,Plot3D to get something just like this What should l do?Thanks~
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