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Questions on deprecated Mathematica kernel functions.

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What does it mean that GUIkit is being deprecated?

What is the disadvantage of using GUIKit now? What does it mean that it is being deprecated? Will it be removed from Mathematica in some later versions?
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InlinePart. What is it and what happened to it?

So a while back I was searching for an unused high-application order symbol I could use for an OOP framework and I ran across InlinePart (esc @> esc) in my ...
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Mathematica GUIKit [duplicate]

Does anyone of you know if the GUIKit package is still under some development by Wolfram Research or is the current version 1.1.0 the last one. Does it make sense to make GUIs using this package in ...
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How is the mysterious Raw function used?

I have never seen an example use for the mysterious Raw function: Raw[h, "hexstring"] constructs a raw data object with head h, and with contents ...
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