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Wolfram Data Drop support for Unicode

Does Wolfram Data Drop support Unicode? If I enter an entry manually, for example "пример", it will not work. If I upload the file and try to read it using ReadList, or Import, it will not work, all ...
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How does Mathematica connect to Bluetooth 4.0 device and analyze sampled data?

How does Mathematica connect to heart rate device via Bluetooth 4.0 and analyze the sampled data? The FindDevices command has tried but the device cannot found. Are there any things to be aware or ...
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CloudDeploy task to use DatabinAdd?

Long time reader, first time writer. I've been following the presidential candidates' popularity on Facebook as a side project recently, and storing the total number of likes on their page daily on ...
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How to create a form that takes user input (e.g., gmail address) and displays a dataset of that user data from Databin

I am trying to deploy a form where a user can enter their information such as their ID or any identifier only pertaining to them and then view the corresponding contents formatted as a dataset. A ...
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Data added via web call to Databin not shown on subsequent Plot

I'm having a strange problem with adding data to a Databin. I have a simple dataset which I've added to directly via Mathematica in a notebook, the first of the 3 ...
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