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How to add a column to a dataset made up of an association of associations?

A dataset can be created in at least two ways: first, from a list of associations, second, from an association of associations (I know that it is also possible to create it as a list of list and an ...
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Finding a continuous distribution that fits the empirical density of dataset $1,1/4,1/9,1/16\ldots$

I have a list of coefs of the form $1,1/4,1/9,1/16,\ldots,1/d^2$ sampled with relative sampling frequencies $1,1/4,1/9,1/16,\ldots,1/d^2$. How do I find a nice continuous density whose CDF closely ...
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FindDistribution analog: automated data modeling with all Wolfram statistical distributions

BOUNTY GOAL To get bounty I am asking to build a function that serves as an analog of FindDistribution. You can also simply re-implement ...
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Generating molecules using a GAN in Mathematica

I have been unable to find any tutorials or examples of creating molecules using a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) in the Wolfram language. It appears that the Selfies paclet was created to ...
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Modern topic modeling?

This question was asked in 2014: How to perform document classification (i.e. extracting topics from text)? At the time user @V.E. gave a great little tutorial on LDA, but today, there's still no ...
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Get Box Shape Coordinate from image [closed]

I would like to taget each box (rectangle) in this image in order to have the coordinate of each one and finally crop on each one. For example, I have 3 rectangles in the image, I would like to ...
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Approximate Nearest Neighbors in Mathematica?

Is there any support for Approximate Nearest Neighbors (ANN) in Mathematica or third-party packages? I'm looking for a good implementation of locality sensitive hashing for applications where ...
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Rule based list manipulation

I'm trying to restructure the following expression: start = Table[{1, 2, 3, 4}, 5]; Join[{ToString /@ {first, second, third, fourth}},start] Into this: ...
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Noise filtering in images with PCA

I have a stack of images (usually ca 100) of the same sample. The images have intrinsic variation of the sample, which is my signal, and a lot of statistical noise. I did a principal components ...
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How to interpret the results of PCA

There is a larger matrix (1500 rows x 40 columns), 1500 observations x 40 variables. then I follow the procedures of PCA(Principal components analysis), 1. find correlation 2. find eigenvalues 3. ...
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How does Dataset compare to DataFrame in pandas?

Pandas is a Python package providing fast, flexible, and expressive data structures designed to make working with “relational” or “labeled” data. Just like ...
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