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2 answers

Expand a 2d curve into a 3d path curve with a fixed axis of rotation?

Given a string of fonts, such as "ABC", give a space line, how to rotate around the line while expanding the string into several curves.
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8 answers

What are ways to better show depth along a 3D curve?

What are effective techniques for making the depth of a 3D curve clear when it twists and turns, making its depth ambiguous from a static perspective? ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Curve fitting with Mathematica

I am trying to find de parametric equations of this curve (the curve in that sector of circle): What I've tried: ...
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Trying to find the area enclosed by custom curves

I have a custom curve set, that self-intersects, but has a limited value set. As you can see in the attached picture, there is an area in the middle, that remains untouched by the curves. My question ...
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Frenet frame plot for a point

I would like to plot the curve $c(t) = \langle - \sin t, \cos t, t \rangle$ and its Frenet frame at $t = \frac{\pi}{2}$. The following is my code. However, it returns an error saying that Pi/2 is not ...
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Finding the area enclosed by two curves

I am trying to find the area enclosed between two curves (i.e., two datasets). The challenge is to estimate the cross-sectional area. as indicated in blue. The first dataset represents the bathymetry ...
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2 answers

Extracting values from a Bézier curve in Mathematica

given a list of points I've created a Bézier curve, and now I would like to understand how to extract a "middle point" from a curve or get a list of points (not the input ones, the ...
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